Scandinavian Tour Bumped, Royal Baby Due Date Confirmed


Earlier today Kensington Palace confirmed that, yes, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be undertaking a tour of Sweden and Norway as expected, but the dates for the trip have been pushed from next month to “early 2018.” Apparently Kate is not feeling up to the tour despite her recent re-emergence for one-off engagements last week and this week.


Frankly, I’m surprised – at a similar point in her pregnancy with Princess Charlotte, Kate was able to undergo a trip to New York, which is a good indication that this bout of HG has been more severe. That last part actually isn’t abnormal – apparently HG can become worse with each subsequent pregnancy, which is something KP alluded to when the issue came up when she was pregnant with Charlotte.

Now that I think about it, it’s also possible that that NYC trip was harder on Kate physically than it appeared and she’s not eager to repeat her mistake by biting off more than she can chew.


The trip was originally meant to also cover Finland, however that leg of the tour hasn’t been moved. Instead, William is due to make a two-day visit on November 29-30. Due to the country celebrating its centenary this year, it didn’t make sense to postpone, so William will represent the Royal Family solo.

KP also confirmed what most of us have suspected, which is that William and Kate’s third child is due in April. That means that the early announcement in September followed the same pattern as Kate’s other pregnancies – HG kicking in right around six weeks and a due date confirmed once she’s passed 12 weeks.


I’ve also been surprised by how many people think Kate is either expecting twins or much further along in her pregnancy considering that it’s pretty standard for women to show sooner with later pregnancies. Anyway, I think it’s a safe bet that we’re looking at roughly the same routine and timetable that we saw with George and Charlotte – the only X factor appears to be that Kate is a bit sicker with HG this time around. But I’m interested to hear if you all think differently.


Given her appearance at Buckingham Palace last week and Paddington Station yesterday, I also think it’s highly possible we’ll see her pop up here and there over the next several weeks for local engagements that allow her to easily return home after a couple hours.

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