Poll Results: Kate’s Clothes in 2017

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The votes are in! A week out from our EOY poll on the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion in 2017, I wanted to share the results. It was fun to see everyone’s feedback and we captured quite the diversity of opinion, so thank you to those who took the time to cast their ballot. Enjoy the final picks below and come Wednesday we’ll have the first of our 2018 choices 🙂

Kate’s best formal look:

You guys, I might agree with you. This black floral Alexander McQueen was gorgeous and it was definitely a hard choice for me between it and the blue Jenny Packham from Paris.

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Kate’s worst formal look:

Over a quarter of you chose this black and white Gosia Baczynska dress, which Kate wore for her first night in Warsaw this summer.  It was definitely an outside-the-box choice for the Duchess and it was certainly my least favorite from the tour. I think what saved it from getting my selection in the end is that I’m almost always willing to give Kate props for choosing something surprising. And my choice, the green lace Temperly, was anything but!

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Kate’s best debut ensemble:

This was a big list this year and I think in the future I’ll probably try to break this up into sub-categories because I think it was a little too much. That said, your first choice was this floral Erdem, which came very early on in 2017 – in fact, it was the second look Kate turned up in last January.

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Kate’s worst debut ensemble:

The clear consensus here was the peach Alexander McQueen dress that Kate wore to her sister’s wedding in May. I wasn’t too surprised to see this – it was definitely a controversial choice at the time.

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Kate’s best repeated ensemble:

This went to a recent choice: the purple Séraphine coat that Kate wore to one of her last engagements in December. I’m totally on board with this outfit getting a nod – it was beautiful and festive both times that the Duchess wore it out. Hell, I’d be down for seeing a three-peat.

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Kate’s worst repeated ensemble:

This was the only category on which we were completely aligned. Kate, it’s time to retire this shiny Christopher Kane.

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And that, my friends, is the final word on 2017.

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