Charles I & Henrietta Maria of France


Charles I

Born: November 19, 1600

Died: January 30, 1649

Reign: March 27, 1625 – January 30, 1649

Coronation: February 2, 1626

Father: James I

Mother: Anna of Denmark

Siblings: Henry Stuart, Prince of Wales; Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia; Margaret Stewart; Robert Stuart, Duke of Kintyre; Mary Stuart; Sophia Stuart

Spouse: Henrietta Maria of France

Wedding: June 13, 1625

Marriage: Stormy for the first five years and then remarkably happy throughout the 1630s. The couple remained devoted to each other throughout the civil war that broke out in the 1640s and Henrietta Maria of France was devastated when Charles I was executed in 1649.

Children: Charles Stuart, Duke of Cornwall; Charles II; Mary Stuart, Princess of Orange; James II; Elizabeth Stuart; Anne Stuart; Catherine Stuart; Henry Stuart, Duke of Gloucester; Henrietta Stuart; Duchess of Orleans

Famous for: Losing his head during the English civil war



Henrietta Maria of France

Born: November 26, 1609

Died: September 10, 1669

Consort: June 13, 1625 – January 30, 1649

Father: Henry IV, King of France

Mother: Marie de’Medici

Siblings: Louis XIII, King of France; Elizabeth of France, Queen of Spain; Christine of France, Duchess of Savoy; Nicholas, Duke of Orleans; Gaston, Duke of Orleans

Spouse: Charles I

Wedding: See above

Marriage: See above

Children: See above

Famous for: Her Catholicism


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