Mary I & Philip II, King of Spain


Mary I

Born: February 18, 1516 at Greenwich Palace, England

Died: November 17, 1558 in London, England

Reign: July 24, 1553 – November 17, 1558

Coronation: October 1, 1553

Father: Henry VIII

Mother: Katherine of Aragon

Siblings: Elizabeth I; Edward VI

Spouse: Philip II, King of Spain

Wedding: July 25, 1554

Marriage: One-sided. Mary I was in love with her husband, Philip II, and desperate to conceive an heir. The feeling was not mutual and after phantom pregnancies, Philip eventually deserted England – and his wife – to return to Spain.

Children: None

Famous for: The burning of some 300 Protestants in an attempt to re-Catholicize England.


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Philip II, King of Spain

Born: May 21, 1527 in Valladolid, Spain

Died: September 13, 1598 in El Escorial, Spain

Reign: July 25, 1556 – November 17, 1558

Coronation: None

Father: Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Mother: Isabella of Portugal

Siblings: Maria of Spain, Holy Roman Empress; Ferdinand of Spain; Juana of Spain, Princess of Portugal; Juan of Spain; Unnamed brother

Spouses: 1. Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal; 2. Mary I; 3. Elizabeth of Valois; 4. Anna of Austria

Weddings: 1. November 12, 1543; 2. July 25, 1554; 3. June 22, 1559; 4. November 14, 1570

Marriages: 1. Brief; Philip II and Maria Manuela were first cousins on both sides. Maria died of complications from childbirth after their son, Carlos, was born. 2. See above; 3. Philip II was said to be completely in love with Elizabeth of Valois and devastated by her death. 4. Anna of Austria is believed to be Philip II’s favorite wife; they were married happily until Philip’s death in 1598.

Children: Carlos, Prince of Asturias; Isabella of Spain; Catherine of Spain; Ferdinand, Prince of Asturias; Charles of Spain; Diego, Prince of Asturias; Philip III; Maria of Spain

Famous for: The Spanish Armada; his role in Spain’s relationship with England


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