Charles II & Catherine of Braganza


Charles II

Born: May 29, 1630 in London, England

Died: February 6, 1685 in London, England

Reign: May 29, 1660 – February 6, 1685

Coronation: April 23, 1661

Father: Charles I

Mother: Henrietta Maria of France

Siblings: Charles Stuart, Duke of Cornwall; Mary Stuart, Princess of Orange; James II; Elizabeth Stuart; Anne Stuart; Catherine Stuart; Henry Stuart, Duke of Gloucester; Henrietta Stuart; Duchess of Orleans

Spouse: Catherine of Braganza

Wedding: April 23, 1662

Marriage: A friendly alliance, but an alliance all the same. Catherine of Braganza was described as very plain, she brought with her a controversial alliance with Portugal and in 23 years of marriage she never provided an heir. Charles II, meanwhile, was notoriously unfaithful, kept a bevy of mistresses at court and fathered over 20 illegitimate children in his lifetime. Remarkably the couple remained on good terms.

Famous for: The Restoration; his court; his mistresses and his illegitimate children



Catherine of Braganza

Born: November 25, 1638 in Alentejo, Portugal

Died: December 31, 1705 in Lisbon, Portugal

Consort: April 23, 1662 – February 6, 1685

Father: John IV, King of Portugal

Mother: Luisa de Guzman

Siblings: Teodosio of Braganza; Ana of Braganza; Juana, Princess of Beira; Manuel of Braganza; Alfonso VI, King of Portugal; Pedro II, King of Portugal

Spouse: Charles II

Wedding: See above

Marriage: See above

Famous for: Failing to meet the beauty standard for the women at her husband’s court


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