Edward IV & Elizabeth Woodville

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Edward IV

Born: April 28, 1442

Died: April 9, 1483

Reign: March 14, 1461 – October 3, 1470; April 11, 1471 – April 9, 1483

Coronation: June 28, 1461

Father: Richard, Duke of York

Mother: Cecily Neville, Duchess of York

Siblings: Henry of York; Anne of York, Duchess of Exeter; Edmund, Earl of Rutland; Elizabeth of York, Duchess of Suffolk; Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy; William of York; John of York; George, Duke of Clarence; Thomas of York; Richard III; Ursula of York

Consort: Elizabeth Woodville

Wedding: Prior to September 1464

Marriage: Seemingly a love match. The couple married in secret at the Woodville family seat, Grafton Regis. News of the wedding caused a scandal through Christendom and was not well-received by Edward’s family.

Children: Elizabeth of York; Mary of York; Cecily of York, Viscountess Welles; Edward V; Margaret of York; Richard, Duke of York; Anne of York, Lady Howard; George, Duke of Bedford; Katherine of York, Countess of Devon; Bridget of York

Famous for: Womanizing; imprudent marriages; being tall and handsome


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Elizabeth Woodville

Born: c. 1437 – 1440

Died: June 8, 1492

Consort: September 1464 – October 3, 1470; April 11, 1471 – April 9, 1483

Coronation: May 26, 1465

Father: Richard Woodville, Earl Rivers

Mother: Jacquetta of Luxembourg, Duchess of Bedford

Siblings: Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers; Lewis Woodville; Richard Woodville; John Woodville; Jacquetta Woodville, Baroness Strange of Knockin; Anne Woodville, Countess of Kent; Mary Woodville, Countess of Pembroke; Lionel Woodville, Bishop of Salisbury; Margaret Woodville, Countess of Arundel; Joan Woodville; Edward Woodville, Lord Scales; Katherine Woodville, Duchess of Bedford

Spouse: 1. John Grey; 2. Edward IV

Wedding: 1. c. 1453-1454; 2. Before September 1464

Children: See above

Famous for: Secret marriages; being beautiful; entering sanctuary at Westminster; having a lot of siblings in need of wealthy spouses


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