Henry VI & Margaret of Anjou

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Henry VI

Born: December 6, 1421

Died: May 21, 1471

Reign: August 22, 1422 – March 4, 1461; October 3, 1470 – April 11, 1471

Coronation: November 6, 1429 (English); December 16, 1431 (French)

Father: Henry V

Mother: Katherine of Valois

Siblings: Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond; Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford; Owen Tudor; 2 sisters

Consort: Margaret of Anjou

Wedding: April 23, 1445

Marriage: Mixed bag. The couple was childless for the first eight years, however were reportedly devoted to one another and friendly, at the very least.

Children: Edward, Prince of Wales

Famous for: Piety (debatable); insanity; losing the crown

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Margaret of Anjou

Born: March 23, 1430

Died: August 25, 1482

Consort: April 23, 1445 – March 4, 1461; October 3, 1470 – April 11, 1471

Coronation: May 30, 1445

Father: Rene of Anjou

Mother: Isabelle of Lorraine

Siblings: Jean II, Duke of Lorraine; Louis, Marquis of Ponte-a-Mousson; Nicholas of Anjou; Yolande of Anjou, Duchess of Lorraine; Charles, Count of Guise; potentially 4 more that died young

Spouse: Henry VI

Wedding: See above

Marriage: See above

Children: See above

Famous for: Hating Richard, Duke of York and Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick; loving her son; leading armies


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