Henry V & Katherine of Valois



Henry V

Born: August 9 or September 16, 1389 at Monmouth Castle, Wales

Died: August 22, 1422 in Vincennes, France

Reign: March 21, 1413 – August 22, 1422

Coronation: April 9, 1413

Father: Henry IV

Mother: Mary de Bohn

Siblings: Thomas, Duke of Clarence; John, Duke of Bedford; Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester; Blanche, Electress of Palatine; Philippa, Queen of Denmark & Sweden

Spouse: Katherine of Valois (French)

Wedding: June 2, 1420

Marriage: Quick. In 26 months of marriage, Henry and Katherine were only in the same country for 15 of them and not always together even then. Henry is reported to have aggressively pursued the match; Katherine’s feelings are unknown.

Children: Henry VI

Famous for: Taking back the portions of France England historically laid claim to and setting up a short-lived English-French dual empire.

Katherine of Valois

Born: October 27, 1401 in Paris, France

Died: January 3, 1437 in London, England

Consort: June 2, 1420 – August 22, 1422

Coronation: February 23/24, 1421

Father: Charles VI, King of France

Mother: Isabeau of Bavaria

Siblings: Charles of Valois; Anne of Valois; Isabelle of Valois, Queen of England; Jeanne of Valois, Duchess of Brittany; Charles of Valois; Marie of Valois; Louis of Guienne, the dauphin; Jean of Touraine, the dauphin; Charles VII, King of France; Philippe of Valois

Spouse: 1. See above; 2. Owen Tudor

Wedding: 1. June 2, 1420; 2. Unknown

Marriage: 1. See above; 2. Seemingly a love match

Children: Henry VI; Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond; Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford; 2 daughters

Famous for: Her marriages


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