Royal Roundup: The Swedish Royal Family, Football & a Middleton Wedding


Let’s catch up on some odds and ends from the last couple of days. For starters, Thursday is World Mental Health Day, an event commemorated by the Cambridges and the Duke of Sussex for the last couple of  years. This year, the one-time “fab four” have reunited to lend their voices to a PSA promoting the initiative “Every Mind Matters” directed by Richard Curtis.

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Part Fourteen: Buckingham’s Rebellion


The rebellion of Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham in the autumn of 1483 is perplexing because it’s impossible to nail down a motivation for it. Arguably no one was better rewarded by Richard’s assumption of power and Buckingham positioned himself as an Earl of Warwick-type figure in the second and third quarters of 1483 – in other words, a kingmaker. His fall from grace was remarkably self-inflicted and a confusing wrinkle in the study of Richard III. So, let’s dig in, but first, if you missed Part Thirteen, you can catch up here and I recommend reading through this timeline of 1483 for some context if you haven’t already.

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The Sussexes Take On the Tabloids

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Well. Where to begin? For those who have missed the last 24 hours, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are suing the Mail on Sunday for publishing a letter sent by Meghan to her father this past February. I’ve avoided mentioning the ongoing Markle family drama since the wedding, but it was a thing and yet another installment in Mr. Markle’s public lamenting that his daughter has cut off contact.

The suit itself is even more dramatic because it was accompanied by an emotional statement from Harry calling out British tabloids for their recent negative coverage of his wife and comparing her treatment to that which his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales received. The statement was made public on a new landing site, Sussex Official, and you can read it here.

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William & Kate Gear Up For Pakistan Visit at The Aga Khan Centre

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Ok, back to London. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are less than two weeks out from a five-day visit to Pakistan that will mark their first longer-term tour since the two visited Sweden and Norway in the winter of 2018. Thus, today, the two kicked things off with a visit to The Aga Khan Centre where they met with none other than the Aga Khan, a title held by the Imām of the Nizari Ismāʿīli Shias.

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That’s a Wrap on the 2019 Africa Tour!

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The big news is the lawsuit the public became aware of yesterday via a rather dramatic announcement from the Duke of Sussex. The Sussexes are suing the Mail on Sunday for the publication of a private letter the Duchess wrote her father, and which was published without her permission in February. Harry offered context for the suit with a personal and emotional statement that called out the British tabloids writ large for unnecessarily attacking his wife.

We’re going to get there, but first I do want to finish wrapping up the rest of the South Africa tour, as well as the Cambridges’ engagement in London, so keep an eye out later today for a deeper dive into this issue. And for the sake of not writing 1,000 posts today, I’m going to combine all the Sussexes’ Johannesburg engagements into one post 🙂

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Meghan Visits ActionAid South Africa For a Discussion on Gender-Based Violence

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The Duchess of Sussex’s second engagement of the day took her to ActionAid South Africa where she joined a roundtable discussion full of NGO leaders to discuss the nature of violence against women in the country and what work is underway to combat it.

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Meghan’s in Johannesburg For the Tour’s Last Leg

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Aaand we’re back at it. Before I get to today I want to quickly cover off on a surprise appearance that the Duchess of Sussex made yesterday at Johannesburg’s Victoria Yards. The site is a community network of artists, metal workers, and carpenters who provide programming for marginalized young people and women…so right up Meghan’s alley.

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Royal Roundup: South Africa, Angola & a Small Parliamentary Crisis

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Oookay, I had been planning on breaking this up into at least two different posts, but this past weekend got away from me, so a one long roundup will have to suffice. Hey, at least we got some history up, no? Let’s start with the Africa tour and then we’ll segue on over to Balmoral and London.

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Part Thirteen: William Hastings & Eleanor Butler


Happy Saturday! For those following along in this series, today we’re going to delve into Richard’s claim to the throne, specifically focusing on William, Lord Hastings’s execution in June 1483 and the legitimacy of Edward IV’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville. If you missed Part Twelve, you can catch up here, and it might be useful to have read this timeline of 1483 as I’ll be referencing events from it.

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William & Kate Christen New Polar Research Ship in Birkenhead

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Birkenhead today to christen a new polar research ship the RSS Sir David Attenborough. Fun fact: the public was given the chance to vote on the ship’s name and they chose “Boaty McBoatface,” which is magnificent, but unfortunately vetoed by the government. That particular moniker was instead bequeathed on a small submarine housed on the ship.

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