The Marriage of Nicky & Alix


A year ago we took a look at the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra and their five children in 1917, from the months leading up to it to its impact in Britain after George V and Queen Mary failed to offer refuge. Today we’re going to jump back a couple decades and take a look at their marriage, their rule and how Alexandra – born Alix of Hesse – fared (or rather, didn’t) as Tsarina.

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Harry & Meghan Attend the Sentebale Polo Cup

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were at the Sentebale Polo Cup today – Harry to play and Meghan to cheer him on while wearing Caroline Herrera. We all have our roles in life.

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When a Beaufort Married a Stewart


Long before England and Scotland were “united” under the rule of James Stuart, and even before the more famous match of James IV and Margaret Tudor, there was another alliance between these two countries that provided an important dynastic link…though not necessarily in a helpful way. In 1424, James I of Scotland married Joan Beaufort, a non-royal Englishwoman, but one whose family was critical to physically restoring her husband to his throne. The union, while successful, did little to help diplomatic ties with England.

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Camilla Tours Osborne House with Dame Judi Dench [UPDATE]

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If you’re going to take a tour of Osborne House, and I suggest that you do, it’s only fitting that it be given by Dame Judi Dench. That appears to be the Duchess of Cornwall’s attitude, at least, as she is on the Isle of Wight today, eating ice cream on the beach and posing in her sunnies. What a life.

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Harry & Meghan Visit Nelson Mandela Exhibit

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Today, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the Nelson Mandela centenary exhibit at Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre. The exhibit, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of Mandela’s birth year, was curated jointly by the Apartheid Museum in South Africa, the British Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives and the Southbank Centre. This is the first time it has made its way to the UK.

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Vicky’s Daughters, the Kaiser’s Sisters: Charlotte of Prussia

Charlotte, Victoria, Sophie & Margaret of Prussia

The most famous of Empress Frederick’s children is without a doubt Kaiser Wilhelm II. Ironically, this would also be the child with whom she had the worst relationship, for all told she produced eight children, six of whom reached adulthood. A year ago, I posted about her daughter, Sophie, who would end up marrying into the Greek Royal Family and became the Queen of the Hellenes in the lead up to World War I. Over the course of this week, we’re going to take a look at her three other daughters: Charlotte, Victoria and Margaret.

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