Meghan & the Media

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Oookay, after several days of press stories ricocheting off one another re: the Duchess of Sussex, tabloids and five members of her “inner circle,” it seems like it’s time we covered what’s been going on!

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William & Kate Attend the 2019 BAFTAs

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the BAFTAs at Royal Albert Hall tonight, marking their third appearance at this event in as many years. Th stakes were notably lower this evening compared to last year – Kate was in the third trimester of her pregnancy with Prince Louis and the Time’s Up movement prompted other women attending to wear black, putting Kate in a bit of a difficult position given the Royal Family’s political neutrality.

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Kate Co-Designs a Garden For RHS’s Chelsea Flower Show

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Well, there’s a lot going on in royal news this weekend between the ongoing BAFTAs, news of the Duke of Edinburgh’s driver’s license and the Markle letter, but first we’re going to back up and cover the slightly less dramatic news of the Duchess of Cambridge’s garden.

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Harry & Meghan Attend the Endeavour Fund Awards

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the Endeavour Fund Awards at Draper Hall this evening. In the words of Kensington Palace, the series acknowledges the, “Achievements of wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women who have taken part in remarkable sporting and adventure challenges over the last year to help with their recovery.” Naturally it’s a cause right up Harry’s alley and in fact the couple also attended last year during their engagement (aka the night of Meghan’s debut tuxedo).

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Kate Supports Children’s Mental Health Week

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The Duchess of Cambridge visited two schools today in support of Children’s Mental Health Week – Alperton Community School and Lavender Primary School. The engagements complement Kate’s focus on early intervention and children’s issues, while her presence today was in her capacity as patron of Place2Be. The theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Healthy: Inside and Out’, focusing on the connection between physical and mental health.

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Harry & Meghan Visit Bristol

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex carried out a series of engagements in Bristol yesterday, braving the snow to move from walkabouts to theatres to boxing rings. This marked the couple’s first away day of 2019, akin to the Cambridges’ visit to Dundee earlier this week, however that day was very much anchored around a specific engagement to open up the new V&A museum. In general, however, we’ve seen a specific push to get the younger royals around the UK on a regular basis so that all of their domestic engagements aren’t concentrated in London.

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Meghan Carries Out Her First Engagement as ACU’s Patron

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The Duchess of Sussex carried out a fourth engagement on behalf of her newly-bestowed four patronages, this one for the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). The organization’s focus is on championing higher education throughout all 53 Commonwealth nations and its objectives align well with Meghan’s public statements on the power of education and facilitating access for the most vulnerable.

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Meghan Kicks Off Her Patronage of National Theatre

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The Duchess of Sussex arrived on London’s South Bank today for the third engagement she’s carried out so far this year on behalf of her four new patronages. Today saw her tour the venue and meet staff and crew at the National Theatre, a fitting organization for Meghan to spearhead given her former acting career.

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William & Kate Visit Dundee

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – or the Earl and Countess of Strathearn as they are known in Scotland – carried out engagements in Dundee today, not too far from their alma mater, St Andrew’s University. The couple last visited the city in 2015, but today’s primary purpose was the opening of a new V&A museum – the first design museum in Scotland – of which Kate became patron last year.

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The Other Children of Charles I & Henrietta Maria of France

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For all that Charles I led England into a civil war and then lost his crown and, well, head, he was at least one half of a happy marriage. For an institution once upon a time comprised mainly of foreign alliances and quiet desperation, that’s something, no? After a rocky start, Charles and Henrietta Maria of France settled into the kind of complacent domesticity to which political matchmaking aspired, and from this came nine children. Two of those sons – Charles II and James II – would end up kings. A daughter, Mary, would become the mother of another – William III. And another daughter, Henrietta Anne, would marry into the French Royal Family and end up a dazzling fixture at Versailles.

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