William & Kate Do a Final Day in Hamburg, Return Home

After a whirlwind five days, the final day is upon us. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left Berlin this morning for their last few engagements in Hamburg and then they head back to the UK. Considering this trip has been on the horizon since the early spring, it’s hard to realize that it’s already behind us, but here we are. In the last few days we’ve seen nine outfits from Kate, five cities, three sights of Prince George and Princess Charlotte at airports and one meeting with Chancellor Angela Markel where she wanted to know how much German Kate spoke (hint: none).

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William & Kate Get Competitive in Heidelberg


At this point, enough hints have been dropped by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge over the years that the two can get pretty competitive that it should come as no surprise that today’s boat race in Heidelberg, Germany got heated. Both are athletic, both grew up playing sports and both appear to take genuine delight in engagements that pit them against one another – a dynamic of which I heartily approve, particularly the trash talk. And for those new to this side of the couple, take a look at this video The Telegraph compiled (in fact, take a look no matter what, it’s pretty funny).

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Kate’s on Fire in Alexander McQueen for Berlin Reception

427EA6C800000578-4711124-image-m-66_1500489626074.jpgWhen one has sat on the throne for 65 years, you get multiple birthday parties in several plum international hot spots and sometimes you’re too busy to attend yourself. Such is life. Such is the life of Queen Elizabeth II, at the very least, and tonight the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge represented her in Berlin at a reception held in honor of her birthday at the British Ambassador’s residence.

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So Far, Charlotte is Winning Berlin

Another day, another country for the Cambridge clan. We have officially segued into the next leg of the trip, which entails three days in Germany, including stops in Berlin, Heidelburg and Hamburg. I have to say, I was particularly excited for today when I first saw the itinerary a few weeks ago. Berlin is one of my favorite cities and it’s always a little extra fun when you see places and sites featured that you’ve been to, if for no other reason than you get a better sense of the atmosphere.

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William & Kate Visit Gdansk

Image by James Whatling*

After a warm welcome in Warsaw yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed for Gdansk for the second day of the tour. Pictured leaving Belvedere Palace this morning, where the family is staying while in Poland, Kate is wearing floral Erdem separates with what appear to be the same Stuart Weitzman nude block heel sandals that she wore to Wimbledon on Sunday and new jewelry.

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Kate Features Polish Designer Gosia Baczynska at Warsaw Reception

The final cherry on top of yesterday’s royal tour sundae was the appearance of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at a reception held in honor of the Queen’s birthday. Hosted by the British Ambassador Jonathan Knott, the party was held at the Orangery in Lazienki Park.

And among nearly 600 guests, Kate certainly stood out in a black and white dress by Gosia Baczynska, the first Polish designer to ever be featured at Paris Fashion Week.

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The Cambridges Touch Down in Warsaw

We’re finally here! The Cambridges’ tour of Poland and Germany has officially commenced with the family touching down in Warsaw earlier today. Two quick things before we get started: 1) I’m going to cover only the day events in this post and will follow up with the reception later this evening or tomorrow AM and 2) I have to flag that I made quite the faux-pas yesterday and misidentified the dress Kate wore to Wimbledon. Turns out it was Catherine Walker and that’s been corrected in the original post.

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The Assassination of Nicholas II & Alexandra of Russia


Ninety-nine years ago today, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, alongside his wife and four children, was brutally executed at Ekaterinburg in the midst of the Russian Revolution and before the close of World War I. The extermination of the Romanov line impacted not only the course of Russian history, but that of Western Europe and Great Britain, in particular, with whom the two ruling families were closely tied.

Personally, it was would deeply affect George V who had been forced to deny his cousins refuge in England out of political necessity.

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