Harry & Meghan Visit Nelson Mandela Exhibit

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Today, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the Nelson Mandela centenary exhibit at Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre. The exhibit, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of Mandela’s birth year, was curated jointly by the Apartheid Museum in South Africa, the British Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives and the Southbank Centre. This is the first time it has made its way to the UK.

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Vicky’s Daughters, the Kaiser’s Sisters: Charlotte of Prussia

Charlotte, Victoria, Sophie & Margaret of Prussia

The most famous of Empress Frederick’s children is without a doubt Kaiser Wilhelm II. Ironically, this would also be the child with whom she had the worst relationship, for all told she produced eight children, six of whom reached adulthood. A year ago, I posted about her daughter, Sophie, who would end up marrying into the Greek Royal Family and became the Queen of the Hellenes in the lead up to World War I. Over the course of this week, we’re going to take a look at her three other daughters: Charlotte, Victoria and Margaret.

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Louis’s Christening Photos Are Released


Kensington Palace released four photos from Prince Louis’s christening last Monday. The photos were taken at the Prince of Wales’s residence in London, Clarence House, by photographer Matt Holyoak and feature various assortments of the Wales side of the family and the Middletons.

The above, of course, features the royal branch and you’ll note that in the background there’s a portrait of the Queen – a nice nod to the matriarch not able to attend the day’s ceremony.

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William & Kate Turn Up for Last Day of Wimbledon

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She may have waited until the bitter end, but the Duchess of Cambridge definitely made up for it this weekend by attending the final two days of Wimbledon. Following her outing with the Duchess of Sussex yesterday, today she attended the Men’s Final with the Duke of Cambridge, taking her place in the Royal Box alongside Prime Minister Theresa May.

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Finally – Kate & Meghan Attend Wimbledon

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I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been waiting to see exactly this appearance, but suffice to say, I am pleased. The Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex made their first public outing together at Wimbledon today without their respective husbands and it was all smiles, tennis and summer fashion. For those still wondering if these two women secretly hate one another, I think the photos from this afternoon will certainly help put that to bed. For the rest of us, it’s evidence of a new chapter for the House of Windsor.

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The Queen Receives the Trumps at Windsor

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And so it is done – Donald Trump became the 12th U.S. president with whom the Queen has met. Trump and his wife, Melania, met HRH at Windsor Castle for an afternoon tea. The meeting began in the quadrangle where a Guard of Honour gave a royal salute and the U.S. national anthem was played in honor of the guests.

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