The Curtsy Seen ‘Round the World

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The Duke of Cambridge was in Amiens yesterday to commemorate World War I’s Battle of Amiens. Also representing the Brits was Prime Minister Theresa May, and while I wasn’t planning on covering this engagement by itself, there’s been enough news coverage focused on a very specific – and ridiculous – issue that, well, here we are.

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The Queen Arrives at Balmoral, Is Reunited With Cruachan IV

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Yesterday, the Queen arrived at Balmoral in the Scottish Highlands for her annual late summer sojourn. As always, she will stay there until she returns to London in October. So far, the Duke of Edinburgh remains at Sandringham, which is where he’s spent most of his time since retiring last year. Presumably, he will join his wife in Scotland at some point, but the logistics are unclear.

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The Queen Mother as a Girl: The Upbringing of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Queen Mother

The Queen Mother is a figure who we probably haven’t spent enough time on. In the past she’s primarily popped up in relation to the Abdication Crisis, or in her capacity as George VI’s wife or Elizabeth II’s mother, but I’ve been remiss in covering her on her own, save a post from last year focused on her courtship with her future husband. Today we’re going to take a look at her upbringing and the years preceding her marriage.

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Meghan Turns 37 at a Wedding in Surrey

The Duchess of Sussex turns 37 today! Everything else aside, I can’t help but be reminded how much things have changed since this time last year when these two were were in Botswana and everyone was losing their mind over when an engagement would be announced. Well, we now have our answer and nearly three months after the couple married at Windsor, they turned up for a wedding in Surrey to celebrate Harry’s childhood friend.

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British Vogue Interviews Beatrice & Eugenie


The York girls are coming in hot! Or whatever it is when you give a “rare interview” to British Vogue. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie met with writer Ellie Pithers at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, an estate used by their father, the Duke of York. The result is a brief profile on what it means to grow up as not just royal, but royal women, with the added touch of a photograph draped in Dolce & Gabbana.

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When Eleanor of Aquitaine Was Queen of France


Eleanor of Aquitaine is now known as a Medieval heroine thanks to the independent holding of her  inheritance and her actions during the last years of her husband’s and sons’ reigns. For me, I’m mostly impressed that she’s the only woman in  history to have been queen of both France and England – throw a 12th century divorce into the mix, a stint of imprisonment and a few goes at regency and it makes for such a notable life that it’s not surprising she’s still relatively well-known today. We’ve covered already Eleanor’s divorce from Louis VII of France and the first several years of her marriage to Henry II of England, but today we’re going to go back a bit further to her tenure as queen of France.

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The Marriage of Nicky & Alix


A year ago we took a look at the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra and their five children in 1917, from the months leading up to it to its impact in Britain after George V and Queen Mary failed to offer refuge. Today we’re going to jump back a couple decades and take a look at their marriage, their rule and how Alexandra – born Alix of Hesse – fared (or rather, didn’t) as Tsarina.

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Royal Roundup: Meghan’s Family Still Here, Eugenie’s Wedding & Harry’s Netherlands Trip

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There’s good news and bad news to catch up on, so let’s start with the positive. Earlier this week the Duke of Sussex carried out a two-day trip to Amsterdam on behalf of the Invictus Games and AIDS 2018, an international AIDS conference. Ahead of his arrival, Kensington Palace confirmed that Harry was in Lesotho last month with his charity, Sentebale, working on HIV/Aids awareness.

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Harry & Meghan Attend the Sentebale Polo Cup

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were at the Sentebale Polo Cup today – Harry to play and Meghan to cheer him on while wearing Caroline Herrera. We all have our roles in life.

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When a Beaufort Married a Stewart


Long before England and Scotland were “united” under the rule of James Stuart, and even before the more famous match of James IV and Margaret Tudor, there was another alliance between these two countries that provided an important dynastic link…though not necessarily in a helpful way. In 1424, James I of Scotland married Joan Beaufort, a non-royal Englishwoman, but one whose family was critical to physically restoring her husband to his throne. The union, while successful, did little to help diplomatic ties with England.

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