William Wraps Up His Middle Eastern Tour in Jerusalem

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And that’s a wrap on the Duke of Cambridge’s Middle Eastern tour! As I noted last night, I haven’t been able to give this trip as much attention as it deserved, but the task handed to the second-in-line to the throne was a weighty one and there was ample room for him to inadvertently say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Historically, the British Royal Family’s stance on conflict between Israel and Palestine has been that they wouldn’t weigh in until a resolution had been reached – and while that’s very royal, it’s not particularly useful or reflective of reality.

William’s presence in both Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories is a marked course-correction and he took on a jam-packed schedule full of intense, high-profile meetings without breaking a sweat. He did a wonderful job this week and now that it’s come to a close, I’m actually a bit grateful that the Duchess didn’t join him, even though she was missed. Handling this solo allowed the spotlight to remain on him, not Kate’s fashion or candid remarks about their children. This week, I think even his critics will have to agree, he appeared like a future monarch.

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William Tours Tel Aviv, Ramallah & Jerusalem

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It’s been a whirlwind two days for the Duke of Cambridge, so let’s pick up where we left off on Monday, with him touching down in Israel and marking the first official visit from a member of the British Royal Family.

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Harry & Meghan Accompany the Queen at Awards Series

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I’m late (again) – my apologies. As soon as this week wraps up things will get back to normal, but unfortunately a busy work week has coincided with a lot on the royal front. Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex accompanied the Queen at the Queen’s Young Leaders awards series at Buckingham Palace. This marks Meghan’s second public engagement with the monarch in just over one month of marriage – not too shabby a start!

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William Lands in Israel, Makes History

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Today the Duke of Cambridge made history when he became the first member of the British Royal Family to make an official visit to Israel. But before he did that, he carried out a full day of engagements in Jordan, following up on Day One of his Middle Eastern tour.

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William Arrives in Amman [UPDATE]

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The Duke of Cambridge officially kicked off his Middle Eastern visit today when he touched down in Amman, Jordan. Over the next four days, William will tour Jordan, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, marking the first time a member of the British Royal Family has formally visited the latter two. It’s a historic trip, and it’s notable that the representative sent on behalf of the Queen is her grandson and not, say, the Prince of Wales as might be expected.

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Meghan Attends the First Day of Ascot with the Rest of the RF


Well, apologies again for being late to the party, but it’s been that kind of week…and it’ll be that kind of next week if we’re being really honest. HOWEVER, there’s no way I’m going to skip the opening day of Ascot, particularly when the Duchess of Sussex showed up for the first time, so let’s catch up!

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Garter Day 2018

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Welcome to the Order of the Garter! Well, here, at least – the ceremony was cancelled last year and so it’s the first time I’ve had the chance to cover it. This very prestigious order has been around since the reign of Edward III when the king started it in 1348. To give you a sense of how few and far between the appointments are, the Duke of Cambridge was the 1,000th person bestowed the honor when he was invested in 2008.

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The English Reformation: 1534 – 1536


We wrapped up “the King’s Great Matter” several days ago now, but I do think it’s worth one more post that closes out the three years that followed. These are, of course, the years during which Anne Boleyn was queen of England, but even more, they are the years in which the Reformation built the Church of England and the maneuverings that Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Cranmer orchestrated in the final years of the divorce proceedings took effect. The end result was that the last decade or so of Henry VIII’s reign look markedly different from the first two and his consorts, who now usually take center stage, were often just a domestic sideshow to an increasingly powerful and unpredictable king and government.

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The Queen & Meghan Carry Out Engagements in Cheshire

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Well, kids, yesterday got away from me, so this post is a little (a lot) on the late side – my apologies! Unsurprisingly, the day was a smashing success for the newest member of the Royal Family and there was a warm rapport on display between her and the Queen throughout three separate engagements in Cheshire.

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