Victoria S2: I Have Some Socks For You to Darn


Well, we had no Sir Robert Peel, no children and no Buckingham Palace to fuss over. Instead, Victoria decides a Scottish holiday is in order because she’s always wanted to visit and, well, no one can stop her now. The decision comes on the heels of an assassination attempt, or at the very least a show of one, when a man points an unloaded pistol at the couple as they’re driving  home.

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Victoria S2: All the Ladies Are Painting Their Faces


Le sigh. I got my wish for only one episode, but my God how boring it was. Victoria’s government is in a snit because the Queen of Spain (Isabella II) is in need of a husband and the British are terrified that it will be France who provides him. Against the advice of Sir Robert Peel, Victoria decides to pay King Louis Philippe a visit and put a stop to the match. Her reasoning? Well, she tells Peel, she can talk to him monarch-to-monarch which is a little thing neither he nor we can do, and it’s beyond our comprehension.

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Victoria S2: I Think You Have the Legs of a Plantagenet


These double-headers are going to be the death of me on Sunday nights, but here we are: a recap of episodes 3 & 4. There was quite a bit going on, from goodbyes to new babies to drunken antics, and we’re going to cover as much as possible, but I do have to point out that it’s beginning to feel like they’re diverging more and more each episode from actual history.

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Victoria S2: Yes, He Would Know, But I Will Not Ask Him


And so we are back for another season of Victoria. This aired in the UK this past August, but only today made its debut here in the U.S. It’s been nearly a year since the first season wrapped and I’ll confess that I didn’t give myself a refresher by re-watching or even scanning the recaps. I found myself remembering plot lines as they were re-introduced tonight, but it’s safe to say we’ve picked up where we left off.

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How Does Our Heroine Fare in The Crown’s Season Two?


Before the premier of The Crown’s second season, I addressed some of the controversy caused by its first, primarily criticism that the show didn’t focus enough on Queen Elizabeth, but rather went off on tangents on the men in her life. And while it’s true that Season One spent a lot of time covering Prince Philip, George VI, Winston Churchill and Edward VIII, I also argued that the split in screen time was mostly logical and Elizabeth was still well-covered.

I stand by that when it comes to the first season, but I’m feeling a little less charitable about Season Two.

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The Crown S2: Mystery Man


This was a strange episode, but one whose point, I think, was captured in its final moments. Philip and Elizabeth face off at Balmoral for yet another Come to Jesus, only this time a little older, a little wiser and by far more tired. It’s a parallel, presumably, to the opening scene of the series, one whose ending we finally saw in the third episode, during which the two strike a deal for how to stay married – elevate Philip’s rank and, apparently, give him control of the children.

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The Crown S2: Paterfamilias


This episode was easily the series’ most heartbreaking – and also quite possibly its best. Elizabeth was all but a nonentity in it, save one rather tense scene, but Charles springs forth for the first time as a central character, albeit not one who reflects on his parents well. As we have done for the last few recaps, we’ll capture the gist of what happened and then delve into how much of this is accurate. Spoiler alert: this episode and the next one have garnered some of the series’ most significant criticism for its depictions of moments involving Philip.

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The Crown S2: Dear Mrs. Kennedy


So, here we are. The episode that has garnered so very many headlines in the last couple of weeks – the arrival of John and Jackie Kennedy at Buckingham Palace. Once again, however, we are playing it fast and loose with the timeline. Ostensibly a year has passed since the last episode and we are in June 1961 when the Queen and Prince Philip actually hosted the first couple, however by the end it’s November 1963 and the Royal Family is watching the aftermath of Kennedy’s assassination.

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The Crown S2: Matrimonium


A lot happens this episode, which is good news after two episodes that mostly deviate from our main characters. An engagement, a wedding, two pregnancies, a baby and one Palace house party with rock n’ roll and a conga line. Fantastic. I am going to offer a slight fact-check to the episode, which does play it a bit fast and loose with timelines, while addressing a few of the issues the episode puts forth.

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