The Cambridges’ Most Memorable Moments

Day After Wedding

In honor of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s seven-year anniversary today we’re going to take a look at the public highlights of the pair’s royal career. An interesting aspect of royal marriages, particularly in cases such as the Cambridges where they’re also the future king and queen, is that you are not just a married couple, but co-workers. Royal couples undertake numerous engagements as a pair, which, combined with the realities of living under one roof, means you’re spending significant quantities of time together. So far, that seems to be working out just fine for William and Kate, but here’s a look back at some professional and personal highlights from the last seven years:

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Trump to Visit the UK in July

Elizabeth II

The oft-delayed visit of U.S. President Donald Trump to the UK is apparently back on the books for this summer. The plan sees Trump arriving on Friday, July 13 for what Downing Street is calling a “working visit,” thus dampening expectations of a full-blown state visit. As such, there won’t be a state dinner and while Trump may still meet the Queen, the entire affair will have decidedly less fanfare.

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Royal Roundup: No Baby Name, But Lots of Visitors & William to Be Best Man

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We still don’t know the name of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new baby. It was expected to be announced Tuesday or Wednesday, however with the latter being Anzac Day it wasn’t wholly surprising that Kensington Palace held off. That they still haven’t made an announcement means that this will be the longest gap between a birth and a name announcement for any of William and Kate’s children.

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Harry & Meghan (& William) Attend Anzac Day Ceremonies

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Two days out from the birth of Prince [TBA] of Cambridge, the Duke has emerged from Kensington Palace to join Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for an Anzac Day service at Westminster Abbey. This is the second time we’ve seen him play third wheel this week and I like it.

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Harry & Meghan Attend Stephen Lawrence Memorial Service

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If you’re looking for coverage of the royal baby, you can find that here.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the 25th anniversary memorial service for Stephen Lawrence. Lawrence was murdered in London in 1993 in a racially-motivated hate crime. The case garnered considerable media attention in its day, but had a second life when the killers were convicted in 2012. It has now become a case study for a distinct moment of reckoning for how race and racism are handled by the British public, police force and legal process.

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When Marguerite of Anjou Arrived in England


Marguerite of Anjou is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting queen consorts in England’s history. Her marriage, however, started as a glorified insurance policy for her uncle, Charles VII, and resulted in one of the most controversial and dramatic public careers a woman in 15th century Europe ever held. We’ve covered Marguerite on this site a few times, from rumors of her infidelity to her political maneuvers when her husband “went mad” to her mysterious childhood prior to joining French court as a teenager, to name but a few. Today we’re going to get into how it was that she became Henry VI’s wife and the very direct way in which that led to the later civil war that toppled them from their thrones.

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Harry & Meghan Attend Invictus Games Reception

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We’re going to cover the Queen’s birthday concert and the rest of the day’s festivities later on, but in the meantime I want to write up Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s attendance at a reception in honor of the upcoming Invictus Games. This year the games will be held in Sydney, Australia in October and thanks to a slip from Meghan the other week, it sounds like the couple will be attending.

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