The Crown S3: Olding


After a nearly two-year gap, here we are again, convened for royal super bowl. For those who missed it, there’s a post from yesterday that level-sets where we left off in The Crown’s Season 2, so let’s get straight into it. It’s still 1964 in this season’s premier, but we are introduced to a new cast of characters who will carry us through the next two seasons. The show acknowledges this via the cold open, which has Olivia Colman’s Elizabeth reviewing new stamps bearing her image, the more updated sitting side-by-side with one featuring Claire Foy. 

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Catching Up on The Crown

Season 3

One benefit to a recent cold snap we’ve had is that it’s given me plenty of time to re-watch Season 2 of the The Crown in anticipation of this weekend. While I think I have watched it since its premier two years ago, I honestly can’t remember when that was, so it’s been a minute and was definitely necessary for re-acclimating myself to where we left off with the characters. I also went back and re-read my wrap-up of the second season, and, well, apparently I was quite displeased with the lack of character development the show focused on its central figure: the Queen(!)

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Kate Opens the Nook Children’s Hospice

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The Duchess of Cambridge was in Norfolk today to officially open the Nook, a children’s hospice within her capacity as patron of East Anglia Children’s Hospices (EACH). This project has been in the works for years, with Kate having helped the organization launch its initial appeal for financing way back in November 2014. Since then, she’s carried out a series of supportive engagements that have helped raise awareness.

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William & Kate Carry Out Engagement For Shout

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After a somber weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge re-appeared on Tuesday to celebrate the volunteers working on their recently-launched text service, Shout, which aims to support those going through mental health crises. The program began in May under the umbrella of The Royal Foundation when it was still headed by the Cambridges and the Sussexes, but it’s been kept under the remit of the Cambridges since the split with the Sussexes still serving as secondary patrons. Notably, the Sussexes included a shout-out (no pun intended) for this engagement on their Instagram, while William acknowledged their roles in his speech. For those keeping track of the back and forth…;)

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Remembrance Sunday 2019

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On Sunday, following the previous evening’s Festival of Remembrance, the British Royal Family turned out for the Remembrance service at The Cenotaph. This annual event is not only a hallmark of the royal calendar, but one that convenes the UK’s veterans, senior politicians, and members of the public for a somber recognition of those who lost their lives in service to the nation. Frankly, there are few countries who mark this occasion better.

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Remembrance Festival 2019

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On Saturday night, the Royal Family congregated at Royal Albert Hall for this year’s Festival of Remembrance, the prelude to Sunday’s formal ceremony. Like Trooping the Colour, it’s an event that nearly always draws the entire family, so high is its significance on the royal calendar.

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Catching Up With the Cambridges & Sussexes

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Ok, it’s time to catch up a bit on November. I’m going to back-date this post to last week so as to cover two engagements that the Cambridges and Sussexes carried out, and then we’ll turn back to this past weekend for the actual Remembrance Day events later today.

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The Palace Intrigue Continues

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Well. We’re 10 days out from the Cambridges’ Pakistan tour and quite a bit has happened, none of it good. Before we dive in, apologies if you stumbled upon a partially-written post on the Richard III series over the weekend. I had high hopes for having it completed, but last week got away from me and I forgot to change its publication date on the back end of the site. So, cringe. Hopefully by next weekend we’ll be back on it.

As for our current Royal Family, they’ve really been giving the Plantagenets a run for their money of late. The biggest missile to launch was the broadcast of a documentary covering the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s tour of Africa, of which the biggest takeaways have nothing to do with their work and everything to do with their role within the BRF.

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The Cambridges Carry Out Final Engagement in Pakistan

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The big royal news today in fact has nothing to do with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour – yesterday a clip promoting an upcoming documentary covering the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s recent Africa tour was released and…there’s been some furor. I’ll cover all that once the doc is released, but in the meantime you can read a little about it here.

Back in Pakistan, drama surrounding the Cambridges’ return to Islamabad from Lahore has taken central stage. Apparently the plane, housing both the couple, their staff, and the press pack, encountered significant, weather-related turbulence and the party was forced to unexpectedly spend the night in Lahore.

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The Cambridges Visit the Badshahi Mosque & a Children’s Hospital

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After the morning’s itinerary – and a costume change – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge carried out two more engagements to a mosque and a children’s hospital. The second carries some significance in that it’s the same children’s hospital visited by William’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, when she was in Pakistan in 1996.

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