The Georgian Princess Royal: Anne, Princess of Orange


Like two Stuart princesses before her, George II’s eldest daughter, Anne, married into the Dutch Royal Family, taking her place as the Princess of Orange. The marriage wasn’t her first choice, but it was her best shot at not ending up a spinster at her detested brother’s court. Unfortunately, though blessed with her mother’s intellect, she inherited her father’s social charm.

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Harry & Meghan Attend ‘100 Days to Peace’ Gala

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the ‘100 Days of Peace’ gala at Central Hall Westminster this evening. The event was organized by the Royal Armouries to commemorate the centenary of World War I’s end and will benefit a host of mental health charities supporting veterans, including Heads Together.

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Harry & Meghan Attend the WellChild Awards

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended a rather emotional event today – the WellChild awards, which recognize caretakers working on behalf of seriously ill children. Honorees include family members, health care workers, social workers and teachers, while Harry and Meghan met with a host of affected children.

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The Queen, Charles & Anne Attend the 2018 Braemar Gathering

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The Queen, accompanied by her two eldest children, attended this year’s Braemar Gathering at the Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park in Braemar, Aberdeenshire. The event has the regular attendance of the monarch ever since Queen Victoria first showed up in 1848, and, held on the first Saturday of September, it coincides perfectly with when the sovereign is in residence at Balmoral Castle.

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The Last Will of Henry V & the Inheritance of an Empire


Henry V was not supposed to die on August 31, 1422. Not when he was only his 30s, not when his son was than a year old, and not when England was establishing a dual empire inclusive of France. The death itself was a national tragedy, one which would have had a huge impact on the health and viability of his successor’s reign regardless, but it was it was his final will and last-minute codicils that first drew the battle lines against which England found itself fighting for the next 60+ years.

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Harry & Meghan Attend Hamilton Performance for Sentebale [UPDATED]

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are back at it. For their first engagement post-summer holiday, they turned up for a performance of Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. The evening was on behalf of Harry’s charity, Sentebale.

Among the highlights was an introduction to the musical’s creator and one-time star Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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1452 Was a Hell of a Year


Two weeks ago we took a look at the assassination of William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, noting that his unpopularity was wrapped up in the humiliating losses in Normandy under the command of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset. His death in March 1450 was swiftly followed by the first serious rebellion in Henry VI’s reign – that of a man under the moniker “Jack Cade,” who led an uprising that swept the countryside that summer. It was suppressed and its participants put to death, but an uneasy pallor settled over Henry’s court.

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