Royal Roundup: Everything We Know About the Royal Wedding


The one-week countdown until the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is officially on! It’s hard to believe we’re finally here after a whirlwind engagement and nearly a year of feverish speculation as to whether or not This. Was. It. It was and so here we are!

I’ve declined to post every time Kensington Palace offered an update on flowers, music and logistics, but it seems fitting to do a quick rundown on everything we know – from family and guests, to the dress and the cake, so let’s get into it.

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Charles & Camilla Visit Athens & Crete

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Well, for those who read to the end of the last post, I obviously was not able to manage getting a historical post up yesterday. I now have it slated for Sunday, so cross your fingers with me(!) In the meantime, let’s catch up on the second leg of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s tour of France and Greece.

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Charles & Camilla Tour Nice & Lyon

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I do love a good royal tour and thank God for the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, because we’re not going to get another joint trip out of the Cambridges this year thanks to the arrival of Prince Louis. Just one month after a visit to Australia, the couple are in the middle of five-day trek to France and Greece. In fact, they’re kicking off the second leg today, but before we cover that later this week I want to capture their last couple days in Nice and Lyon.

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Royal Roundup: There’s Movement at KP & Beatrice is at the Met Gala [UPDATED]


So, the big news from the weekend is that plans are already in the works for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to take over a larger apartment in Kensington Palace. As you may recall, around the time their engagement was announced last November, it was stated that the couple would remain at their current residence, Nottingham Cottage, for the time being. And so they will, but plans are reportedly underway for them to take over Apartment 1 within Kensington Palace, placing them next door to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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Margaret Beaufort & Her Four Husbands


Margaret Beaufort is arguably the great winner of the Wars of the Roses. Certainly she is one of the few to have lived through the war in its entirety and, as such, became the matriarch of the House of the Tudor. Mother to Henry VII, she is an ancestor to every English/British monarch since Henry VIII (as well as Scotland’s James V and Mary Stuart). But though she existed in the same world as Marguerite of Anjou, Elizabeth Woodville and Anne Neville, she is rarely seen as exciting as them – she never wore a crown and by the time she held substantial power, she was a woman in 50s. Instead, she is usually depicted as the mother-in-law from hell, a meddler and a jarring mix of pious and power-hungry.

To some, she is even a contender as the true killer of the Princes of the Tower.

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Kensington Palace Releases New Photos of Charlotte & Louis


Kensington Palace released two new photos at midnight GMT tonight of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. These images serve two functions – newborn photos of Louis and third birthday photos of Charlotte. The pictures, the first of which was captured on Charlotte’s actual birthday on Wednesday, were taken by the Duchess of Cambridge.

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NYT: Royals v. Tabloids

Announcement Of Prince Harry's Engagement To Meghan Markle

On Tuesday the New York Times ran an article from Ellen Barry titled, “Britain’s Wedding-Mad Tabloids Feel a Cold Royal Shoulder,” which detailed the uneasy relationship between the Royal Family and the British tabloid media, focusing specifically on its treatment of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and, in return, the couple’s exclusion of the press at their upcoming wedding.

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Is Kate a Princess? (And Will Meghan Be?)

Commonwealth Day

The short is answer is yes (and yes), but this issue never fails to confuse thanks to a lack of familiarity with how titles work and the fact that they are rarely represented correctly in the media. Even here I’m guilty of being casual about it – while I might refer to Kate as “the Duchess of Cambridge” I certainly don’t say “HRH The Duchess of Cambridge” and I usually refer to the Queen’s children by the names for which they are best known.

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Princess Charlotte Turns 3 [UPDATED]


Today marks Princess Charlotte of Cambridge’s third birthday, just nine days after younger brother Prince Louis joined the family. Typically the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge release a photo to commemorate the milestone, but  they declined to this year. If I had to guess I would say that they’re planning to release a photo of all three children at some point this spring, and between that, the public seeing Charlotte last week and her expected presence at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding later this month, she’s getting enough exposure.

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From Kent to Bucharest: Marie of Edinburgh, Queen of Romania


In the middle of World War I, Queen Marie of Romania wrote to her first cousin, King George V of Great Britain: “I never imagined that it would be the lot of our generation, we who are children together, to see this great war and in a way to have to remodel the face of Europe.”

Grandchildren of Queen Victoria alongside the Kaiser of Germany, the Queen of Norway, the Queen of Spain, the Tsarina of Russia, the Queen of Greece, the Crown Princess of Sweden and countless German royals, that is in fact very much with what George and Marie were tasked in the 20th century. For the royal men, they at least had something approaching an education and training to complement such a job, but for Queen Victoria’s granddaughters, born and raised in the height of the Victorian Era, it was by far easier to stumble as they were dropped in the midst of increasingly politicized foreign courts with few tools to leverage.

As for Marie, Bucharest was far from home and her husband a far cry from her first love (George V), but despite a tyrannical father-in-law, an unstable mother-in-law, a series of affairs, illegitimate children, proximity to Russia and a shared heritage with Germany, she established herself as a popular and effective queen consort to the Romanian people.

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