Royal Roundup: Balmoral, Andrew & Cruachan IV

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This is proving an odd summer for the British Royal Family. Per tradition, members of the family pack it in for the month of August, engagements slow (in some cases to a screeching halt), and holidays are taken by not only the royals, but their staffs and the reporters who cover them. The risk with this schedule is that when there is news it has a way of dominating attention because there’s nothing else going on with which to distract. Such is the case this week, so let’s get into it.

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The Queen Arrives at Balmoral, Is Reunited With Cruachan IV

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Yesterday, the Queen arrived at Balmoral in the Scottish Highlands for her annual late summer sojourn. As always, she will stay there until she returns to London in October. So far, the Duke of Edinburgh remains at Sandringham, which is where he’s spent most of his time since retiring last year. Presumably, he will join his wife in Scotland at some point, but the logistics are unclear.

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