Kate in Alexander McQueen for Reception at the British Embassy


For her next engagement in Paris the Duchess of Cambridge did, indeed, don a second outfit, but it wasn’t from a French brand as anticipated, but instead from the tried and true British Alexander McQueen. As I’ve said before, I do try to start these posts on Kate’s engagements with the significance of the event itself, but in this case I actually do find it notable that she donned a British designer in light of this week’s Brexit news and royal assent.

It may be a coincidence, sure, but the chances of Kate not understanding the meaning of wearing a British labels while rolling into Paris, the epicenter of fashion, is highly unlikely. A nod to the designer of her wedding dress is likely quite calculated, a showcasing of Britain’s cultural standing, if you will.

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William, Kate, Catherine Walker & the Élysée Palace


Has a greater tragedy than having a busy workday fall on the same day the Duchess of Cambridge arrives in Paris ever befallen anyone? Probably not. I’m catching up now, so bear with me.

Kate and William apparently left straight from their engagement with the Irish Guards earlier today for the airport to fly to Paris, Kate’s hairdresser, Amanda Walker, changing Kate’s hair from the earlier updo to her signature curls on the plane. Upon landing the couple were chauffeured to the Élysée Palace, home of the French president, where they were officially welcomed by President François Hollande.

Kate was still wearing her Catherine Walker from the Irish Guards ceremony, which I think caused some disappointment (myself included). There was something about the idea of Kate landing in Paris, for the first time as duchess, wearing something that really wow’ed. However, at the same time, there was something kind of nostalgic about her continuing to wear her green Catherine Walker coat dress.

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Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Back on the Horse for the Irish Guards


I would imagine the Duke of Cambridge wasn’t particularly looking forward to today, at least not the UK-based portion of it. It’s one things to have all eyes on you and quite another to know those eyes are ever so slightly critical. But even so, William and the Duchess of Cambridge were back to business when they visited the Irish Guards for St. Patrick’s Day and handed out shamrocks. The event, which Kate missed last year to much chagrin, could have turned into an entirely different story, one that included a fair bit of rehashing of last year’s angst; luckily her husband took care of that for her with last weekend’s Verbier trip.

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Kate’s Top 10 Fashion Misses

Let’s be clear, Kate is genetically blessed in such a way that if it weren’t for the fact that she seems like a very nice person who has devoted huge amounts of her time to supporting charities, you’d kind of hate her. She could wear a trash bag and carry it off, and as far as I can tell she doesn’t have an unflattering angle. That said, after having posted my top 10 favorite looks of hers since she became Duchess of Cambridge, fair’s fair and here are my least favorite:


Dress by Erdem

Most of the time I’m a fan of Kate’s Erdem picks. Indeed, she had several from the Canada/US tour, from where the below image was taken, which were fantastic. This one, however, doesn’t do it for me. I like it from the waist down, but everything about the floral embroidery just makes this way too fussy for my taste and almost aging for Kate’s then-29 years.

June 2011


Coat dress by Catherine Walker

I want to like the idea behind this, but the execution fails. The green is too neon and the collar way too constricted zipped all the way to the top. Oh, and I hate that there’s a zipper at all. It just feels like three disparate ideas all mashed together in one jarring pop of color.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in emerald green Catherine Walker coat dress in Canberra.jpg
April 2014


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Kate Debuts a New (But Old) Rebecca Taylor Suit at Ronald McDonald Evelina London House


Generally I like to start posts on the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagements with a rundown of the charity itself, but I just can’t do that today. We have to start with the fashion because I am most perplexed. I don’t understand: If you own one thing, why would you buy an almost identical, but slightly altered version of it? Choose one! It’s bizarre!

Anyway, today Kate carried out at an engagement marking the opening of a new facility supporting the families of children undergoing medical treatment at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

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Kate in Gold Erdem for UK-India Year of Culture Event


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh for the UK-India Year of Culture 2017 event at Buckingham Palace this evening. High-profile guests from both countries dotted the reception space, which was full of Indian delicacies (a collaboration between royal chefs and chefs from the UK’s oldest Indian restaurant, Veeraswamy), entertainment, decoration and historical artifacts. The exterior of BP was even done up for the occasion:


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Top 10 Kate Looks

In honor of the Oscars red carpet, I give you my top 10 favorite Kate looks since her marriage:


Roland Mouret dress & Smythe blazer

She looks like Business Barbie in a good way. This is Kate about to board a plan to leave the UK for Canada for her first overseas tour as the Duchess of Cambridge and I loved that she essentially dressed like was going on a business trip. Kate has recycled this Smythe blazer many times since and each time I’ve been a fan. We haven’t seen the dress recycled in public, but I hope we do someday. It’s polished, young and there’s nothing quite like the structure of a Roland Mouret piece.

June 2011


Alexander McQueen dress

This was Kate’s first public appearance after announcing her pregnancy with Prince George and so she gets some bonus points just for the sheer fact that she reappeared from suffering acute HG looking like this. But I also genuinely love the dress, though we didn’t get a great look at it. The dark green is gorgeous on Kate and, God knows, she has the legs the pull off a high slit.

December 2012

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Kate Recycles Paule Ka Skirt Suit for First Action for Children Engagement


I did a double-take when I first saw Kate’s outfit today since I had thought she had recycled this very suit when I saw the initial images of her stepping out in her Oscar de la Renta ensemble two weeks ago. Granted, the color was off in the photo, but the two skirts do seem similar.

Anyway, back to today: Kate undertook two engagements in Wales on behalf of Action for Children, a patronage she inherited from the Queen this past December. At the end of last year the Queen offloaded 25 charities to various members of her family in an effort to lighten her workload. This particular organization made sense given Kate’s focus on children and child development.

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Kate in Red for RAF Engagement in Peterborough


The Duchess of Cambridge undertook an engagement at RAF Wittering near Peterborough earlier today in her capacity as patron and Honorary Air Commandment of the RAF Air Cadets. Kate had the chance to try out a tutor aircraft and meet air cadets from local training corps.

The Duchess assumed the patronage in December 2015 from the Duke of Edinburgh, a role which now has her representing 42,000 air cadets and 15,000 volunteers at 1,200 units around the world.

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William and Kate (in McQueen) at the BAFTAs


You can accuse the Duchess of Cambridge of many things, but not having brand loyalty isn’t one of them. Kate accompanied the Duke of Cambridge, in his capacity as the organization’s president, to the annual BAFTA awards show today, held at Royal Albert Hall in London. There was much anticipation over what Kate would wear and I think all of us had our fingers crossed for a new evening gown – for a woman known for her sartorial restraint and responsible outfit recycling, true red carpet “wow” moments can be few and far between. But Kate stepped out in what appears to be a bespoke version of an off-the-shoulder gown from the 2016 resort line of Alexander McQueen, complete with a floral print, dramatic updo and larger jewelry than what she usually favors. Personally, I think she killed it.

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