Harry & Meghan Visit Nottingham for Their First Engagement

Embed from Getty Images

Earlier today Prince Harry and his new fiancée, Meghan Markle, undertook their first engagements together at an away day in Nottingham. This marked Meghan’s first formal introduction to the British public since the couple’s engagement was announced on Monday, and it’s expected that the two will carry out more between now and their planned wedding at Windsor this coming May.

The first thing I thought when seeing the photos and going through the coverage was a comment made by Harry in some interview a while ago in which he said how much he wished there was someone for him to take with him on engagements and share those experiences. Well, he’s found that someone and the two of them looked incredibly happy today – with each other and with the overwhelming joy they were shown by the members of the public who lined up in the streets of Nottingham to wish them well.

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