Two “Royal” Divorces

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In case there wasn’t enough going on this year, two couples within the Royal Family have announced their separations. This is obviously sad news, regardless of the circumstances, and unfortunately the timing of it all means that it’s fitting into a broader narrative that the Queen’s family is full of young people making her white hair go even whiter. Honestly, if the Queen was able to trudge through the 1990s, I think she’ll be okay.

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Peter Phillips, Autumn Kelly & Hello Magazine


As we quickly approach Pippa Middleton’s wedding this coming Saturday, let’s take a moment to appreciate yet another royal-adjacent union, one which actually celebrates its nine-year anniversary today. Back in 2008, the Queen’s eldest grandson, Peter Phillips, married a Canadian Roman Catholic named Autumn Kelly who most people had never heard about until the couple announced their engagement.

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Royal Roundup March 4-11: Peter Phillips, Camilla’s Speech & Jamaica


A few odds and ends from the week:

  • Exciting news from Buckingham Palace yesterday: King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain are officially confirmed to be coming to the UK for a state visit in June.

  • On Thursday Kensington Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge *will* be attending the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on the morning of Friday, March 17 before leaving for their Paris trip. This morning’s post gives some background as to why that’s significant.

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