Royal Roundup: Baby Watch Begins, Wedding Gift Details Revealed & an Update on Spain


Restricted parking is officially up in front of the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in London. This will be where the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth later this month, and though we don’t know the due date, we do know courtesy of signage that the space has been blocked off between April 9 and April 30. Because Kate’s children are usually late, my guess is the due date itself is on the earlier side.

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It’s Queen v. Queen in Spain

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In case you missed it Easter weekend, all hell is breaking loose over a video that appears to show a face off between Queen Letizia of Spain and her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia, over posing for a photograph with Letizia’s daughters, Infantas Leonor and Sofia. The video – or videos since there is both a long and short version circulating – appears to show Queen Sofia attempting to pose for a picture with her granddaughters and Queen Letizia blocking the shot. Leonor then attempts to remove her grandmother’s hand from her shoulder and is physically pulled back into place by Queen Sofia. The end of the video shows King Felipe (Queen Sofia’s son and Queen Letizia’s husband) coming over, which many read as him interceding.

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