UK Engagements, Odds & Ends

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Today is a “day of rest” for Charles III and Queen Camilla after a whirlwind six days overseeing the accession and the beginning of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession. After yesterday’s service, the King retired to Highgrove in Gloucestershire, while the Queen went to the estate in Wiltshire she’s owned since prior to her marriage into the Royal Family.

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So, What Role Will Royal Baby Sussex Play?


Is this question premature? Oh, absolutely. But let’s take a stab at it anyway.

Let’s start with the issue of the title and move on from there. The most obvious question is whether this child will be a prince or princess, but the answer is actually a bit convoluted (of course!). As it stands today, barring any further intervention, the answer is no. So, let’s dig in:

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Is Kate a Princess? (And Will Meghan Be?)

Commonwealth Day

The short is answer is yes (and yes), but this issue never fails to confuse thanks to a lack of familiarity with how titles work and the fact that they are rarely represented correctly in the media. Even here I’m guilty of being casual about it – while I might refer to Kate as “the Duchess of Cambridge” I certainly don’t say “HRH The Duchess of Cambridge” and I usually refer to the Queen’s children by the names for which they are best known.

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Should Camilla Be Queen?


Well, Melanie McDonagh at The Spectator certainly doesn’t think so. She argues that 2017 isn’t going to be a great year for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall as they wince their way through the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and all the re-surfacing of old stories emerges. Specifically, the re-hashing of the Wales’s famously unhappy marriage will undermine efforts to have Camilla named as queen when Charles eventually succeeds his mother on the throne.

Personally, I think the campaign to make Camilla palatable to the public since the events of 1997 has been one of most effective and ruthless displays of PR ever executed by the Royal Family, so let’s dive right in:

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