Meghan’s NYC Baby Shower


Last Friday the Duchess of Sussex flew from London to New York City for a multi-day visit with friends that was capped with a baby shower at the Mark Hotel. News of her trip quickly leaked to the press, which then led to several days of paparazzi shots of Meghan walking in and out of hotels and restaurants, staff carrying up elaborate decorations and celebrity friends like Amal Clooney, Serena Williams and Jessica Mulroney.

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The American Revolution & Britain’s Side of the Story


The story of the American Revolution is integral to the psychology of today’s United States, though it has in many respects become just that – a story – and the foundations on which it sprouted roots are made up of equal parts fact and, well, let’s say convenient omissions. For one, this was less a “revolution” than it was a civil war – English colonists were of course British citizens, but some 100,000 of those colonists fled the colonies for England when they saw which way the wind was blowing.

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When the Kennedys Met the Windsors


The visit of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, to London in 1961 has been picking up some headlines recently thanks to it being featured in the trailers for The Crown’s second season. Most of the stories are framed around the question of how the Queen and Jackie got on, particularly in light of Kennedy’s famous womanizing and rumors swirling around ’60s about Philip, so today I thought it would be worth taking a look at what really went down – at least, according to the Queen’s biographers.

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The Possibility of Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle is a 35-year-old, American divorcée currently working as an actress on the legal drama “Suits” and based in Toronto. If anything about that says “future member of the British Royal Family” to you, then you have a better nose than I do, because I wouldn’t have called this in a million years. I wouldn’t have called it, but the more that we learn about her, the more I think…she might be perfect.

Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry came to light when Kensington Palace issued a long, candid press release in November railing against the media for its sexist, racist and bullying coverage and harassment of the couple’s then-rumored romance. I’ve already shared my thoughts on the release itself, so we’ll blow right by that and focus, instead, on who this Meghan Markle character is.

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