Royal Roundup Feb. 11-17: Tea Parties, Dancing & All the Engagements


Some odds and ends:

  • In addition to three engagements scheduled over the next few weeks and March’s mini-tour of Paris, another event has been added to the Duchess of Cambridge’s calendar in the form of a tea party she will host with the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace on May 13th. The party is for children who have lost a parent serving in the armed forces.

  • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall had a slew of engagements this week, including one with Women’s Aid, a charity focused on victims of domestic abuse, a cause she has been involved with for a while now. The below video captures Camilla at the engagement where she heard the personal accounts of individuals who have used the group’s resources, as well as met with the organization’s leadership.

  • And on a lighter note, here is a video of Camilla dancing with The Sun photographer Arthur Edwards at a tea party hosted by the Royal Voluntary Service, an organization focused on supporting the elderly.

  • Rumors circulated at the end of 2016 that Princess Eugenie, younger daughter of Andrew, Duke of York, had become engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Jack  Brooksbank. The stories overlapped with speculation that Andrew and his older brother, the Prince of Wales, were engaged in some Battle Royale over the fate of the monarchy and the future of the York girls, so it got somewhat buried. However, it’s re-surfaced this week with news that Eugenie’s move into Ivy Cottage in Kensington Palace has been delayed due to a “row” over who will pay for necessary refurbishments. According to a source included in The Express’s coverage:

“Eugenie’s family don’t want to pay for the repairs because they don’t own the building but the powers-that-be are refusing to come up with the cash as well. At the moment it’s a stand-off and the whole thing is in limbo. The problem is that normally repair work would be done to several properties at once to keep costs down but there are no plans for neighbouring buildings at the moment. It’s true to say there have been some heated discussions with certain individuals digging their heels in, but so far there has been little give and take. Something will have to give soon if Eugenie and Jack are to move in quickly.”

What was interesting about that particular article was that it discussed Eugenie’s engagement as a done deal, whereas no official announcement has been made. Buckingham Palace has declined to comment. And while this particular story doesn’t mention the Charles v. Andrew feud of 2016, it’s fair to say that’s the dynamic being referenced here.


  • And in further Eugenie news, it was announced this week that she will be hosting a “Be Inspired” contemporary art auction with the organization Children and the Arts to benefit disadvantaged children. She released this statement:

“I am truly inspired by the amazing work Children & the Arts does to improve the lives of disadvantaged children. For more than a decade, the charity has been using the arts to help children overcome the unfair barriers that can hold back confidence, self-worth and attainment. This auction will give them the vital funds they need to continue to be there for the many children in the UK that need their support.”

  • On Monday, the Duke of Cambridge carried out an engagement with one of his patronges, Centrepoint, which is focused on addressing homelessness. The event was centered around the launch of the organization’s new help line and William listened in as staffers handled incoming calls.


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