Kate Dressed Down for a Farms For City Children Engagement


Today the Duchess of Cambridge ventured out to Wick Court, a Farms For City Children project in Gloucestershire where she met with children from Vauxhall Primary School and staff. Notably, she shared that in addition to the family dog, Lupo, and George’s hamster, Marvin, the family keep a lamb and chickens on their Norfolk estate, as well as eggs currently stored in an incubator in the hopes they hatch. Apparently, George and Charlotte are so excited about seeing baby chicks they’re checking the incubator every morning – fair, I would do the same.


She also revealed that she is apparently teaching George and Charlotte Spanish and George can already count to 10…my main question here is, does Kate speak Spanish? Or does she mean she’s enrolled them in Spanish classes? Either way, it’s an interesting language choice, particularly given how often William is called upon to speak French.


According to the Daily Mail:

“Another teacher, Natalie Graham, explained that the children had given a birthday card they had made for Princess Charlotte, who turned two yesterday, and a toy Paddington Bear. Miss Graham said: ‘She told them that they had a little party for Charlotte yesterday and she sung Happy Birthday to herself! It was so sweet. ‘She loved the card and present and said Charlotte would love it too as the card had Peppa Pig on, which she loves.'”


And finally, Kate met a lamb called “Stinky,” who is adorable and currently being bottle-fed because he was separated from his mother. News outlets present have quoted a staff member as saying Stinky will eventually “end up as lamb chops” and the children will be “horrified.” Sort of takes the wind out of the sales of the otherwise bucolic scene, no? I am also horrified.


Another teacher said that they had all recently eaten “George the Cow” earlier in the week. I’m sorry, what the hell is this place? I’m not getting big SEND YOUR KIDS vibes…


Though, full disclosure, I’m realllly not the target demographic here and wouldn’t last a week on a farm, so let’s just move right along.


According to the same Daily Mail article, Kate apparently approached the organization and asked if she could come visit one of its locations. Princess Anne is actually the charity’s official patron, but certainly having Kate drop by is quite a coup in terms of getting significant news coverage.


Kate wore a lot of repeat items, including a blue checkered Gap blouse first debuted in 2014 in New Zealand, brown Zara pants she wore to hike last year in Bhutan, Penelope Chivers boots and a tan Troy London parka. The only new item was her sweater, which has been ID’d as J.Crew cashmere.

As basic as this look was, I actually didn’t love it. The jacket is utilitarian, so sure. The sweater and checked shirt work well together, and I didn’t mind the pants when she paired them with white last year, but together…it just missed the mark, in my opinion. It felt like disparate ideas all mashed together – the preppiness from the waist up clashed with the “biker” detailing of the jeans.


As of right now, we are next slated to see Kate next Thursday when she undertakes a jam-packed one-day tour of Luxembourg. It’s possible an event will be scheduled for earlier next week, but equally as likely they’ll hold off since she, William and Harry will also be seen the following Saturday for the Buckingham Palace Garden Party.

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