Pippa’s Wedding Eve


On a frothier note than Anne Boleyn’s death, let’s discuss Pippa Middleton’s wedding eve. It’s all prep everything between London and Berkshire, apparently. The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted driving herself around the city, while Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle, in town from Toronto for the big event, was seen exiting a fitness studio in Soho today. She was photographed idling outside the doors before being picked up by a car and, no doubt, whisked back to Kensington Palace.


Meanwhile, rehearsals were underway in Berkshire. The Middleton clan was spotted walking from the venue in the rain, including the Cambridges’ nanny who seemingly got the rundown on behalf of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. (I would include those photos, but they were so clearly taken by someone hiding out behind foliage that it feels a tad too creepy for me. Sorry.)

Photographers (clearly) are already camped around town, snapping pictures of the glass marquee Pippa had imported from Belgium for the big day – a good call, it seems, because it’s expected to rain all weekend. Security has been ramped up, too. Guards were seen walking about, metal barricades have been erected and sniffer dogs were sent through the venue.


Interestingly, the theme of the wedding is “Scotland,” at least according to news reports. Tartan, haggis and bagpipes – the whole bit. I read in one story earlier (and now can’t remember were) that it’s “unclear” what the Scottish connection is to the couple. Um, James Matthew’s family’s title is based in Scotland. The family owns property there. Pippa attended university there. They are rumored to visit frequently. Feels like that might be enough?


Anyway, the wedding is due to begin at 11:30 am BST and royal photographers have confirmed via Twitter they’re planning on camping out there tomorrow morning to snap the guests, including William, Kate, George and Charlotte, entering the church. I have a feeling we’ll get some photos fairly quickly only because KP has seemingly planned for this, having issued a release confirming the children’s participation. So, on that note, see you in the morning!

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