Prince George Turns 4


This morning Kensington Palace released a new photo of Prince George to mark his fourth birthday. Similarly to how a single shot of Princess Charlotte was released to mark her second birthday when she was expected to be seen at Pippa Middleton’s wedding weeks later, it’s not surprising only one photo of George was issued after three sightings this past week in Poland and Germany.


It’s hard to believe Great Kate Wait was four years ago, but since then George has earned his nickname “Georgeous” and gifted us a plethora of hilarious moments. Personally, there’s a part of me that misses Baby George – mostly for his facial expressions. Without a doubt, the NZ/Oz tour in 2014 was one of my favorites just to see George’s looks of disapproval everywhere he went.


And honestly, George meeting government officials is still pretty golden, from him meeting President Obama in his bathrobe, to his refusal to give Justin Trudeau a high five, to his complete boredom waiting for his parents to finish shaking hands on tarmacs.


As for which of his parents/grandparents he looks like, to my eye he might have the Duke of Cambridge’s blonde hair, but his eyes and face are all Middleton. Personally, I think he’s going to grow up looking the most like his maternal grandfather, Michael Middleton.


Below are a few of George’s memorable moments and milestones, such as his third birthday:


Where he also shared his ice cream with my favorite Cambridge, Lupo:


Peeking into Charlotte’s pram at her christening:


His baleful expression leaving church last Christmas, candy cane in hand:


Watching polo with his grandfather, the Prince of Wales:


Or playing on the beach with his grandmother, Carole Middleton and Lupo:


His first birthday:


Or his own christening in October 2013:


For his sake, I hope the day is chock full of planes, trains and automobiles.

And in the meantime, don’t forget to vote on Kate’s best look from the Polish and German tour!

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  1. It’s an English custom to dress boys under the age of eight of thereabouts in shorts as opposed to full-length trousers. Its roots are in the older custom of breeching, which also saw boys dressed more like their sisters until they were deemed old enough for trousers or “breeches.” I’ve also heard it said that William and Kate purposefully dress their children in old-fashioned clothing to make it easier for them to fly under the radar day-to-day, and while I’m sure they do have more typical children’s clothing, in this case I think the shorts are a separate issue.

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