Kate Appears in New Anna Freud Video


I’m not sure this really merits a full post, but we’re in a news drought on the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry has yet to step up to the plate with an engagement announcement, so here we are: the Anna Freud Centre released a video today featuring an introduction by Kate.

The Anna Freud Centre is a mental health charity for children of which Kate is patron and the video is about how to help kids communicate how they’re feeling. Kate’s been involved with the centre for a few years now, though her most recent engagement with them was this past January.

That appears to have been the same time this video was filmed because she is shown wearing the same blue Eponine London coat dress that she was pictured in that day. And her hair is in the same barrette-esque pullback she fancied over last winter, which was, frankly, a dark time for me as an onlooker.

Naturally there is still no word on how Kate is faring in Kensington Palace, except that she’s clearly still battling her HG. Earlier today, KP tweeted out that the Duke of Cambridge will attend the premier of Blue Planet 2, which is thought to have originally been one of Kate’s engagements. Given that he’s planning on going solo, it’s a pretty safe bet that we shouldn’t expect any change of pace through the end of the month. Fingers crossed there’s a speedy recovery in October.

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