It’s Tennis for Kate as She Carries out Her First Solo Engagement Since Pregnancy Announcement

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Decked out in athletic wear, the Duchess of Cambridge visited the National Tennis Centre in London on behalf of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), one of her newer patronages today. It marked her first solo engagement since she turned up for a reception at the Natural History Museum in mid-July during the Spanish royal visit, though she and William did take in a day at Wimbledon the day before they left for Warsaw.

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As part of LTA’s mission to get more children playing tennis, Kate took part in a coaching session as part of the Tennis for Kids campaign and met some of the UK’s top junior tennis talent. She also participated in a Coach Core training, bringing to mind the recent graduation ceremony for the program that she attended two weeks ago with the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Kate is wearing a pair of Monreal London “tuxedo” track pants that she’s worn for an athletic-based engagement before, a pair of Nike Air VaporMax trainers and a PlayBrave black jacket.

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Notably, she’s begun wearing the poppy pin ahead of Remembrance Day, the official ceremony for which should be held on Saturday, November 11.

Today’s ensemble is utilitarian enough that I’m not sure there’s much on which to opine. It’s appropriate for the day’s activities and certainly looks comfortable without being unprofessional. That’s my takeaway at least, but let me know if you have additional thoughts on Kate’s sartorial choices. I know that there’s occasionally some angst over what the Duchess wears to her more casual engagements, from athletic wear to skinny jeans.

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And while today might not have been a very exciting fashion moment, we should get to see a formal look on the night of Tuesday, November 7 when Kate attends a gala for the Anna Freud Centre, another one of her patronages. It will be the first formal look we’ve seen since she attended the banquet at Buckingham Palace in July and, if you recall, we never got a great look at that dramatic pink lace Marchesa dress she wore.

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Before that was added to the books I had been wondering if she might also join William at a gala on behalf of Tusk on Nov. 2, events for which she has accompanied him in the past. There’s yet another on Nov. 6 for the Children’s Trust. I don’t think it’s out of the question that she might make a surprise appearance at one or the both of these, though I do think the chances a bit slimmer now that she has her own solo engagements on the books. It certainly would a few evening looks all at once.

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Regardless, it’s good to see Kate out and about and hopefully it’s an indication we’ll start to see more of her between now and the end of the year.

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