Kate’s in Goat for a Speech at Place2Be

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The Duchess of Cambridge followed up last night’s gala at Kensington Palace with an engagement for Place2Be today, during which she delivered a speech on childhood mental health. The event and her remarks aligned with the broader Heads Together campaign, as well as Kate’s focus on early education and supporting children and their parents’ access to resources.

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Today’s visit was centered around the organization’s annual conference in which a slew of experts delivered speeches on practical methods and tools schools, parents and children can use to facilitate communication on mental health. Kate’s speech can be viewed in the video provided below,  but the remarks highlighted by KP were:

“Four years ago, when I became Patron of Place2Be, I believed what you all know to be true: that getting support to children at the very earliest stage helps improve their outcomes later in life.

“Schools and teachers are at the heart of this support, and have a crucial role to play. You know your pupils. You know their circumstances. You can spot when a family’s having a tough time. You occupy a special position because you can identify issues and take action when it’s most needed.

“Parents also have a key role to play in this support system. As a mother just getting used to leaving my own child at the school gates, it is clear to me that It takes a whole community to help raise a child.

“Whether we are school leaders, teachers, support staff or parents – we’re all in this together. We are all working to give children the emotional strength they need to face their futures and thrive.

“I’m proud that The Royal Foundation is playing its part too after the Heads Together campaign. Collaborating with experts like yourselves, we’re looking at providing easy access to information and practical tools to support teachers, parents and children feel comfortable talking about their mental health.

“We are all here today because we share the belief that every child deserves the chance to fulfil their potential. When I came to this conference two years ago, I left with a real sense of energy and passion about what we could all achieve together. And I’m looking forward to learning even more today.”


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This year’s conference was titled “I’m Fine!” and included adolescent speakers as well, who spoke to the different challenges teenagers face in navigating mental health and accessing help.

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Kate wore a burgundy Goat dress with metallic button detailing on the left shoulder. Paired with a remembrance poppy, opaque black tights and black suede block heels, I actually loved today’s look. To me, it was youthful, interesting and simple, which I always prefer over the bows and ruffles if given a choice.

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Goat is actually one of my favorite brands that Kate wears because I think they offer clean – but still interesting – lines and keep classic pieces feeling young. She’s worn a number of their items when pregnant with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, though some of them have received more mixed reviews than others. I can’t think of a single one, though, that I actively disliked. She even wore a Goat dress with a peter pan collar once – usually a surefire way to get me to frown – and I didn’t mind it too much.

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 We’ll see Kate again on Friday night and Saturday for Remembrance Day, a big event on the annual royal calendar. And then we’ll see her again next Tuesday when she makes up the engagement she cancelled in early September at the Hornsey Road Children’s Centre due to her HG.

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Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to cover off on the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s time in Malaysia, so see you back here then. In the meantime, let me know what you thought of today’s engagement.

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