Poll: Kate’s Fashion in 2017


Let’s end the year with frivolity, shall we? On Thursday we covered key moments for the Duchess of Cambridge in 2017 with a heavy emphasis on significant sartorial hits and misses. As promised, below are six polls that cover Kate’s best and worst formal looks, ensemble debuts and outfit repeats for you to cast your vote.

What makes a mixed and matched outfit a debut v. a repeat is certainly subjective, but I went with whether or not the key piece was new or recycled – for example, the cropped J.Crew pants or those Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini blazers. I’ve left off two or three looks that were either totally athletic or in which the outfit was mostly covered by a coat. I’ve also left off appearance in which it was almost impossible to get a good sense for the outfit, such as the Diplomatic Reception and the ride to the Christmas luncheon.

Tomorrow we’re going to do one final post reviewing the RF as a whole in 2017 and next week will be a solid seven days of history to make up for all the current EOY news we’ve been covering 🙂

As a reminder, I chose the polka dot Dolce & Gabbana dress as my favorite debut, the ice blue Jenny Packham from Paris as my favorite formal look and the red Paule Ka skirtsuit as my favorite repeat.

As for my least favorite…I’m going to hand the worst formal look to the green lace Temperley because it’s just. too. much. lace.


My least favorite debut is kind of a toss up between the Orla Kiely pink dress and the blue Eponine coatdress, but I’m so incredibly bored by the latter that it wins (loses?) by a hair.


And last but not least, I’m giving the worst repeat to the the shiny Christopher Kane coatdress. It’s time to retire it.

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Now, you go:

Kate’s best formal look in 2017:

Kate’s worst formal look in 2017:

Kate’s best debut ensemble in 2017:

Kate’s worst debut ensemble in 2017:

Kate’s best repeated outfit in 2017:

Kate’s worst repeated outfit in 2017: 

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