The Queen Wins London Fashion Week

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This was a moment I never knew I needed: Queen Elizabeth joined Anna Wintour in the front row at a London Fashion Week show. The only thing that might have added to this was if she turned up flanked by the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle, but there’s always next year.

Her appearance was unannounced, but made quite the impact. She viewed a millinery exhibit curated by Stephen Jones and then took her place in the front row next to U.S. Vogue Editor-in-Chief Ms. Wintour to watch the Richard Quinn runway show.

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Her presence today was to present the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. The award was developed by the Queen’s long-time dresser and designer, Angela Kelly, and this year was handed out by the Queen to Quinn following his show this afternoon.

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Far from being flummoxed by the ambiance or display (models in motorcycle helmet, for one!), the Queen was seen smiling and clapping throughout, as well as sharing asides with her seatmates, including Wintour.

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Given that the award is meant to become an annual event, I’m hopeful this means that there will be more regular attendance of women from the British Royal Family going forward, and I’m thrilled that the Queen herself turned up to launch the series.

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In short, I think she stole the week.

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As for me, I’ve found a new desktop background, phone cover image and, quite possibly, actual wallpaper if I can figure out a way to have it done.

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Tomorrow we’ll cover William and Kate in Sunderland and pick back up with some history on Thursday.

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