Update on Meghan Markle During CHOGM Next Week [UPDATED]

Meghan Markle

Following up on announcements made earlier this week as to the Royal Family’s itinerary during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), Kensington Palace provided additional information as to how our favorite royal fiancee will fit into the picture. I noted on Tuesday that our best bet of seeing her was next Thursday after the meetings themselves wrapped, but I hadn’t accounted for additional announcements(!)

KP shared today that Meghan will accompany Prince Harry at a diplomatic reception on Wednesday, April 18 with delegates from the Commonwealth Youth Forum. We will see them again on Thursday, April 19 when they attend a CHOGM Women’s Empowerment reception at the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Harry & Meghan

Also, unless I’m going insane and completely missed it, another engagement has been added to the books for William on Tuesday, April 17, noting that he will attend a joint session of the Commonwealth Business and Youth Forums at the QEII.

So, there you go. Sadly Meghan won’t be attending the state dinner at Buckingham Palace with William and Harry on Thursday evening, but alas, there will be plenty of white tie events in her future.

Fab Four

Finally, we will see the whole crew on Saturday, April 21 for the Queen’s birthday concert at Royal Albert Hall.

As for the absent Duchess of Cambridge, I’m now leaning towards her due date coming after the CHOGM. It’s not as though William couldn’t easily bow out of any of this if, you know, his wife goes into labor, but this itinerary makes me think that while there are likely back up plans in place for that eventuality, they’re assuming the new Cambridge baby won’t make an appearance until the week of April 23rd. BUT WHO KNOWS!?

The Duke and Duchess attend a SportsAid event at the Copper Box in the Olympic Park

In the meantime, we have a second historical post scheduled for tomorrow and we’ll probably take it easy over the weekend in anticipation of a very busy next week. See you then!

UPDATE: Apparently Meghan has been in Chicago as part of her UK Visa application process. She was spotted in O’Hare International Airport this morning sporting a White Sox baseball cap and reportedly made a quick stop over to the VFS Global U.K. Visa Application Center. Articles note that she is due to fly back to London on Sunday. Meghan graduated from Chicago’s Northwestern University in 2003.

Meghan in Chicago
Meghan in O’Hare airport

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