T-6 Days & the Wedding Details Keep Coming

Instrument of Consent

As we creep closer to May 19 more and more details about who, what and where keep coming out. Let’s start with the most official and work our way backwards to the straight up gossip, shall we?

Yesterday, the Instrument of Consent – the Queen’s official consent – for the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was shared with the public. Many were quick to point out that Meghan wasn’t referred to as “trusty and well-beloved” the way that the Duchess of Cambridge was in the lead up to her marriage to the Duke. The simple answer to that is that Kate is a British citizen and Meghan isn’t – the language is dictated as such.

Handwritten and illuminated on vellum, the document features a red rose (England), thistle (Scotland), red dragon (Wales) and a shamrock (Ireland) for the UK, as well as a rose for the United States and poppies for California (Meghan’s home state). It’s beautiful and, oddly enough, also rather sweet.

Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, reportedly landed in the UK this weekend and is spending American Mother’s Day with her daughter. It’s unclear when exactly Thomas Markle will arrive, but it should be soon. Well, “should” being the operative word – new evidence has come out that he’s been participating with paparazzi in staged shots showing him reading about his daughter online and studying up on the UK in exchange for money. I’ve seen the photos themselves over the last couple of weeks and thought they were bizarre, but didn’t think much of it – this actually does kind of explain it.


Needless to say, this won’t go down well with Harry, Meghan or the Palace. It’s unclear whether there will be any actual fallout from this, but while, yes, it’s really poor form, it’s hard not to sympathize with the guy. If articles are correct, he’s being offered something like $100k a pop, which is likely life-changing money for him.

Harry & Chelsy in 2006

Last but not least, there are reportedly two high-profile guests who haven’t been invited to the private evening reception at Frogmore House (not counting Sarah, Duchess of York). The first is Chelsy Davy, Harry’s ex-girlfriend. The broke up in 2010 after a seven-year relationship, but had some sort of reunion in 2011 around the time she attended the Cambridges’ wedding as Harry’s +1 and then split for good. They’ve remained good friends over the years and have been at the same social gatherings on multiple occasions, so I think it was assumed there wouldn’t be an issue with her presence at the wedding.

Chelsy with Princess Eugenie in 2016

And to be fair, there isn’t, but apparently the second reception is a different matter. It makes sense, but it is a bit surprising and as someone who remembers the Harry & Chelsy days well, it is a little sad.

Pippa in London this weekend

The extent to which this Frogmore bash is to be exclusive is I think a key factor here, because another guest not invited is none other than Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton (Matthew? Seriously, do we know if she changed her name?). I’m actually shocked by this, assuming it’s true. Harry and Meghan were both guests at Pippa’s wedding last May and I’ve always gotten the sense that Harry and Pippa were genuinely friendly. And yes, friendly doesn’t necessarily dictate an invite, but I would have thought the fact that she’s Kate’s sister would!

I guess we’ll see, but in the meantime this is a lot of news to process(!)

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