Stella, a Jag & the Frogmore Reception


I feel like I’ve run a marathon today and I’m still wearing the leggings I slept in…just to paint you a word picture. But it’s been a whirlwind and I can only imagine what it’s been like for everyone on the ground! You can catch up on the excitement of this morning’s ceremony here and tidbits and new photos are still coming out. I’m going to wrap all of that up tomorrow once the dust has settled, but in the meantime we have another dress! Another ride in Windsor! And a whole new party going on as we speak.

Following today’s ceremony and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s carriage procession through Windsor, they returned to the Castle where they were given a few (brief) minutes of respite before official photographs were taken. Those will be released later this week and frankly I’m already impatient for them.


From there the couple joined their guests at a lunchtime reception in St George’s Hall hosted by the Queen. It was first reported that Meghan spoke at the event, but this was later corrected to clarify that she will make a speech tonight.


We do know, however, that Elton John performed “Your Song” for the party. Ironically, Ellie Goulding performed her cover of the same song at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in 2011. Harry kicked it off by asking, “Does anyone know how to play the piano?”

Anyway, now guests have made their way to the second evening reception hosted by the Prince of Wales at Frogmore House on the Windsor grounds. Harry and Meghan joined the party in a jaguar (details per KP below):

Meghan’s second gown is stunning and designed by Stella McCartney.


Like Kate’s second Alexander McQueen gown worn to the private Buckingham Palace reception, these dresses tend to be a bit younger, a bit more informal, a little (dare I say) sexier and, in my opinion, are usually good insight into what the women would choose if they didn’t have to go through the formality of dressing for an international religious occasion.


Meghan has said before that Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s 1995 wedding gown is #goals and this pretty much hits that mark perfectly.


This has been confirmed:

Ben and Jessica Mulroney, whose twin sons were little stars today, look ready to make a night of it:

Already there’s quite a bit of conversation going on about the American preacher, Kate’s outfit (which may have been a recycle – it does look exactly like the cream christening ensemble from 2015 and re-worn since – but I’m holding my tongue for a few hours based on the earlier “yellow” report*) and various other moments from today’s events. Look for a rundown tomorrow AM.

*Yes, I am aware that is a ridiculous sentence.


As for tonight, it’s champagne, cake and hopefully a wonderful, joyous party to wrap up an incredible and historic day for the British Royal Family. Congratulations, Harry & Meghan <3

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