Harry & Meghan Accompany the Queen at Awards Series

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I’m late (again) – my apologies. As soon as this week wraps up things will get back to normal, but unfortunately a busy work week has coincided with a lot on the royal front. Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex accompanied the Queen at the Queen’s Young Leaders awards series at Buckingham Palace. This marks Meghan’s second public engagement with the monarch in just over one month of marriage – not too shabby a start!

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The international program, now in its final year, spans the Commonwealth and guests and honorees last night made came from around the world to be recognized by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Given the event’s focus, it makes complete sense that Harry and Meghan would accompany her given Harry’s new role as a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador announced in April.

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Kensington Palace noted that Harry and Meghan also met honorees from Australia, New Zealand and Tonga ahead of their highly-anticipated tour this autumn.

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Harry also delivered a speech, in which he noted:

The issues all of you have chosen to take on are at the core of some of the world’s biggest challenges – from tackling stigma around mental health and promoting gender equality, to changing mind-sets and habits in order to conserve our natural world – you are all making a huge difference. Your generation is the first that will have to deal hands-on with topics and issues that have been known about for a very long time. You are the future leaders who will need to pick up the baton on issues such as climate change, food security, equality and access to education, and improving the lives of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

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Meghan wore a new pink skirt suit by Prada. At first glance I thought she recycled her Trooping the Colour ensemble given their similar color, but as soon as it registered it wasn’t off-the-shoulder, I caught on(!) It’s interesting to see Meghan debut another high-end label, particularly given her practice pre-marriage of mixing in lesser-known, more affordable brands. I do think, however, that the nature of her appearances post-marriage have all been pretty “big” moments and we’ll see more of her original style layered into her new, professional royal wardrobe.

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I’m not a huge fan of the double-breasted look in general, but I overall I liked yesterday’s showing. The neckline and skirt had enough interesting elements that it didn’t look stuffy – instead it had enough modern elements added to a very classic silhouette that I appreciated the effect.

Meghan’s clutch was also Prada, while her heels were Aquazzura.

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Finally, in one more piece of royal news – Mike and Zara Tindall announced that they have named their second daughter Lena Elizabeth. Per Mike, they’re pronouncing it “Lay-na.”

I will do my best to get up a second post this evening capturing the Duke of Cambridge’s activities in the Middle East today and yesterday, so stay tuned 🙂

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