Royal Roundup: Bikes, Trains & Dogs

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First of all, big thank you to the Duke of Cambridge for posing in the above photo. Really made up for what has been a slow week in royal news. Indeed, most of what drove headlines these past few days is news that the Duchess of Sussex will accompany the Queen for engagements next week. Yes, one away-day and all this speculation! But it’s to be expected after all the wedding excitement and it is a big step in Meghan’s royal career.


Following news of the day-trip to Cheshire next Thursday, it’s been subsequently reported that this will actually involve a bit of a slumber party, if you will. On the royal train no less. The pair will leave London on Wednesday night, travel overnight and arrive in time to carry out a full day’s schedule on Thursday morning. The train itself is only used by senior royals – as far as anyone knows, neither William, the Duke of Sussex or the Duchess of Cambridge has ever used it publicly.

Per Town & Country (who is reporting from The Sun):

Designed for Queen Victoria and first used in 1842, the Royal Train is described by many as a palace on wheels. The modern train used by royals today began operation in 1977, and is made up of nine carriages, each serving a different function, Royal Central reports. There’s a 12-seat dining room, private carriages for each royal, and a bathroom complete with a full-sized tub, according to The Sun.


Meanwhile, the Queen was accompanied by another member of the Royal Family this week – her daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall. (There’s a bit of a trend going on – the Queen will be accompanied by many more members of the family in the coming months and years as she carries out her work now that the Duke of Edinburgh is retired.)

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The Queen and Camilla attended a Medical Detection Dogs Demonstration at Buckingham Palace for the organization, Medical Detection Dogs, of which the Queen is patron. The event showcased the ability of the dogs to suss out the scents of various diseases in humans. Per Clarence House below:

And the Royal Family’s Twitter shared the below video of highlights from the engagement:

Personally, I thought it was a nice change of pace to see these two working together – I love it when there are out-of-the-norm pairings for engagements.

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Finally, William visited the Isle of Man on Wednesday and the headliner event was with the Isle of Man TT, one of the oldest “continuous motorsports events.” William himself is an enthusiastic rider and has been spotted in the past out and about on his own bike, a habit Kate has noted fills her with “terror.” This round, when taking his spot on one of the bikes, William said, “I’m a father of three, I have to tone it down now.”

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Anyway, normally this isn’t the type of engagement I’d cover sans Kate, but I made an exception specifically because William was wearing sunnies and one particular branch of my family used to live there.

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Speaking of sunnies, it’s been confirmed that the Queen underwent minor cataract surgery last month. It explains why she’s opted to wear sunglasses during outdoor events of late, such as below:

Buckingham Palace garden party

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Finally, earlier today the Queen and the Prince of Wales opened the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee galleries at Westminster Abbey. For the first time, the public will be able to access the galleries set 16 metres above the Abbey’s floor in the medieval Triforium. Per the RF’s website:

“The Queen and The Prince of Wales then viewed the historical artefacts from @Wabbey’s collection, including a restored Sir Christopher Wren model. Other artefacts include an original 13th century altarpiece from King Henry III’s church and King Henry VII’s funeral effigy.”

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Didn’t expect Henry VII to make an appearance this week, but here we are.

Anywho, tomorrow we’ll circle back to cover Trooping the Colour at which we can expect Kate, Meghan and the rest of the gang!

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