The Cambridges Visit Kate’s New Patronage: Evelina London Children’s Hospital

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Today is admittedly several days post-December 11, but I’m going to back date the next few posts covering older engagements just to help keep everything straight. The week that this visit took place I was traveling (to London, imagine that) and so we’re a bit behind in all things Cambridge, Sussex and Windsor. Let’s try to rectify that, shall we?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge carried out two engagements on Tuesday, December 11, one of which was to a homeless center that William has visited since a child and the other to Evelina London Children’s Hospital. En-route between the two, Kensington Palace tweeted out that Kate has been named the patron of the latter, adding yet another cause to the Duchess’s docket. This one is an unsurprising choice given Kate’s focus on early intervention and children’s care.

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Just two weeks before the Christmas holiday, both engagements had a bit of a festive touch to them, a note also picked up in Kate’s ensemble (more on that below). This was also in the middle of a tabloid frenzy as the story of a feud between the Cambridges and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reached a crescendo, but I’m going to save further analysis for tomorrow.

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Instead, I’ll pull this quote from one of the mothers at Evelina with whom Kate spoke:

“The Evelina has been a lifeline not only to our daughter but also the whole family. They have enabled us to live on site and have also never neglected the needs of our five-year-old son Oscar. Kate was so sweet, we were both very impressed by her warmth and I think she will be the perfect ambassador for the hospital. She spoke to us about the importance of the family being together and she really understood what that means to us all. Her involvement will be an inspiration to the children and the staff and they will hopefully get he recognition they deserve.”

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Kate’s dress is by LK Bennett and is incredibly “her,” from the polka dots to the bow collar to the pronounced buttons. And as we well know, HRH loves a good theme so I think it’s a safe bet the choice of green was a nod to the upcoming holiday. This particular silhouette isn’t particularly to my taste, but it was perfectly appropriate and it’s certainly a look that Kate wears well.

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Hmm, usually I close out by pointing out when we’ll next see the couple, but, well, we know that…I’m going to put up one more on Meghan’s final pre-Christmas engagement and a separate one covering the holiday cards. See you shortly and thank you for your patience!

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