Meghan Carries Out Engagement in Twickenham

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Four days after the release of her and her husband’s first Christmas card together, the Duchess of Sussex carried out an engagement at the Royal Variety nursing home on Tuesday, Dec. 18. I think the big takeaway, quite frankly, is how far along she now appears – I’m inclined to believe we’re looking at more of a March baby than an April baby.

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Interestingly (and not to sound too much like a tabloid here), but no due date, or month, has been released by the Palace as has been done for all of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancies. A part of me wonders if there might be a bit of math we’re trying to shy away from here? That would essentially mean a baby in February, which is certainly not spring, but the thought has crossed my mind…

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Anyway, Meghan joined the assembled group in a holiday sing-along, toured the facilities and took part in several informal chats with residents as she made her way through the home. On-brand as always, she showed little signs of nerves or trepidation, which is honestly still remarkable given how new she is to all of this.

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Her grey coat is by Canadian brand Soia & Kyo, which I feel like is everywhere these days. And her dress is by a LA-based label, Brock Collection. So, let’s talk about this dress, because with the coat on I’m a fan of the lilac and Regency-era floral pattern. The coat removed and I’m not sure the sleeves or fit are quite working for me. It just looks a bit too tight, particularly from the back. Maternity clothes, man, sometimes you just need to embrace them.

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Anyway, I’ve just realized that I’ve forgotten Meghan’s earlier appearance at the British Fashion Awards, so I’m going to cut this short(!)

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