Poll: Kate’s Clothes in 2018

Burberry Coat

Yesterday I posted a rundown of the Duchess of Cambridge’s year, calling out the highs and lows and giving you my own take on some of her sartorial hits. As promised, below are eight polls for you to vote on, which should be pretty self-explanatory. I’ve removed looks that were entirely athletic based or which we never got a great look at.

As a reminder, I called out the Smythe blazer and skinnies as my favorite debut, the blue Jenny Packham dress as my favorite repeat, the pink Alexander McQueen as my favorite gown and the red and white Catherine Walker coat as my favorite maternity style.

For the good of the order, here are my least favorites:

There actually isn’t a debut look (excluding maternity clothing) that I actively disliked this year, which is…weird. Instead I’m going to go with the pale blue Alexander McQueen coat that Kate wore to the RAF centenary ceremony in July, but I’m calling it out mainly because I found it a bit dull and I’m not a big fan of when Kate wears identical pieces in different colors.


The worst repeat in my book was again down to dullness and less actual dislike – the blue Eponine coatdress that Kate first debuted in January 2017. It’s short-waisted and just does nothing for me.


The worst maternity look I’m going to give to the green Dolce & Gabbana coat that Kate wore to Sunderland shortly after the Scandinavia tour. For where she was in her pregnancy, the buttons looked strange and the fit was off. I wasn’t a big fan of the purple version that she had just worn in Norway, but it gets one bonus point from me for the color.


And finally, the worst gown has to be the blue velvet Erdem. From the waist up it looks like a discarded Game of Thrones costume and the whole thing felt vaguely like a rug design.


So, on that delightful note of positivity, cast your vote below!

Kate’s best debut ensemble in 2018:

Kate’s worst debut ensemble in 2018:

Kate’s best repeat ensemble in 2018:

Kate’s worst repeat ensemble in 2018:

Kate’s best maternity ensemble in 2018:

Kate’s worst maternity ensemble in 2018:

Kate’s best gown in 2018:

Kate’s worst gown in 2018:


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