Poll Results: Kate’s Clothes in 2018


One week after posting eight polls on the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion last year, I’ve compiled the results below. (And today is actually Kate’s 37th birthday, so it feels appropriate.) Enjoy!

Kate’s Best Debut Ensemble

Obviously this excludes Kate’s maternity outfits, which I’ve made their own category. While I chose the grey Smythe blazer and the all black ensemble she wore this past autumn, the overwhelming fan favorite was the yellow Dolce & Gabbana dress that she wore to Wimbledon in July. This was definitely a highlight for me as well, so no arguments here(!)

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Kate’s Worst Debut Ensemble

The clear consensus here went to the wide-legged navy Jigsaw trousers and green Smythe blazer that Kate wore for an away day in Cyprus last month. This surprised me a bit as I liked this fine and based on my oh-so-scientific Instagram poll this look actually received a 92% approval rating, which is definitely higher than average.

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Kate’s Best Repeat Ensemble

This went to the red Preen cocktail dress that Kate first debuted in 2016 during the Canada tour and recycled for the Royal Foundation’s autumn party. No arguments here, though my vote still stands with the blue Jenny Packham.


Kate’s Worst Repeat Ensemble

The majority went with the teal Emilia Wickstead, a dress first debuted during the Oz/NZ tour in 2014. This was never a favorite of mine, though I would note that the majority of Kate’s recycles this year came during her pregnancy so there wasn’t a huge variety from which to choose for this category.

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Kate’s Best Maternity Ensemble

This white Goat coat and skinny jeans pairing was actually runner-up choice for this category, so I’m glad this was so well-liked by the crew. The look was worn to the last engagement Kate carried out before going on maternity leave in late March.

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Kate’s Worst Maternity Ensemble

So…I actually completely agree with you guys here and am so mad I forgot how much I disliked this when I called out the green Dolce & Gabbana coat. You’re right – this was the sartorial low point of 2018, maternity or not.

jp green

Kate’s Best Formal Ensemble

Finally, we’re in agreement! The winner for this category is the pale pink Alexander McQueen gown that Kate wore to a February state dinner in Oslo. Princess perfect.

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Kate’s Worst Formal Ensemble

Aaand we’re officially on a roll, because yes, we can all agree this blue velvet Erdem gown from Stockholm was less than ideal. Toss it.

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