Poll Results: Meghan’s Clothes in 2018

tea dress

After a week of voting, I’m posting the results for the eight polls on the Duchess of Sussex’s fashion last year. A few of these surprised me, so thank you to those who took the time to cast their vote and we’re already off on a fresh round of looks in 2019 🙂

Meghan’s Best Coat Ensemble

I have to say I’m surprised by this look pulling through as the winner – not because it’s not beautiful, but because it felt dwarfed by so many others. Regardless, this was a clear win when it debuted during Meghan’s engagement and perfectly illustrates her winter uniform last year.

j.crew coat

Meghan’s Worst Coat Ensemble

This goes to a recent look: the Soia & Kyo coat and Brock Collection dress Meghan wore to carry out her last engagement before Christmas last month. It felt a little haphazard, though my primary complaint with the look was the less the coat and more the fit of the dress.


Meghan’s Best Evening Look

I love that this look won – the black and white Oscar de la Renta gown Meghan wore in Australia was absolutely stunning and such a standout from the entire tour. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m so committed to my love of Meghan’s debut McQueen tuxedo, this is absolutely the gown I would have picked.

oscar de la renta

Meghan’s Worst Evening Look

By a landslide you guys chose this black and white Safiyaa halter that Meghan wore to the Royal Variety Show in November. Can’t say I disagree.


Meghan’s Best Day Dress

I love that this dress won – it was one of my favorites from the tour, and from the entire year. I ended up leaning towards the Veronica Beard, but this Roksanda colorblock dress was gorgeous and I hope we get a repeat of it soon.


Meghan’s Worst Day Dress

We have a tie! Votes netted out against the striped Martin Grant dress that Meghan wore on a beach in Sydney and the pinstriped Altuzarra dress that she wore to a CHOGM meeting in London during her engagement. No arguments from me.

martin grant


Meghan’s Best Trouser/Casual Ensemble

Ok, now this one I will argue with as it was in the running for me for one of her worst looks this year. The suit itself did nothing for me, while I also thought it didn’t fit the venue (a children’s daytime event). So, someone explain this to me!


Meghan’s Worst Trousers/Casual Ensemble

The consensus here was that Meghan’s worst trouser-centric look from 2018 was the one she wore to Wimbledon over the summer. She paired long, wide-legged Ralph Lauren trousers with a striped blouse by the same label. Under different circumstances this might have worked, but I it did look just a touch undone given the presentation that was meant to be on display.


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