Meghan Carries Out Her First Engagement as ACU’s Patron

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The Duchess of Sussex carried out a fourth engagement on behalf of her newly-bestowed four patronages, this one for the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). The organization’s focus is on championing higher education throughout all 53 Commonwealth nations and its objectives align well with Meghan’s public statements on the power of education and facilitating access for the most vulnerable.

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As with the National Theatre, Mayhew and Smart Works, this is a patronage Meghan has taken on from the Queen, and in this case there is some nice synergy between it and the Duke of Sussex’s role – which Meghan is expected to support – as the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.

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Meghan met with staff and featured researchers at City University of London, including scholars who have benefited from ACU’s Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan which sees its 60th anniversary this year. A new program, the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships, is also launching.

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Meghan’s interest in these topics has been evident during previous engagements, including her first formal remarks as an HRH (which were delivered in Fiji) and published opinion pieces that ran prior to her marriage.

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On the style front, we finally got a good look at the black Givenchy coat that Meghan wore during the Remembrance ceremony in November. It’s a pretty simple structure with subtle detailing on the shoulders, but it paired well with the black top and pleated skirt (labels unidentified thus far) worn underneath. The look was completed with nude Manolo Blahnik heels and a topknot. I’ve no problem calling this a solid win!

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We’ll see Meghan again tomorrow for a day in Bristol with Harry, and then again next Thursday when the couple attends the Endeavor Fund awards. Last but not least, Kensington Palace announced that the Duchess of Cambridge will carry out two school visits on Tuesday, Feb. 5 on behalf of Children’s Mental Health Week so the steady churn of engagements continues!

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