William & Kate Visit Blackpool (+ a Surprise Meghan Appearance)

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Blackpool today to learn more about new investment projects and efforts to address social issues related to mental health. The day’s engagements mark the latest in a series of visits that get the couple out of London and engaging with the public throughout the UK.

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The day began with a walkabout outside Blackpool Tower, and then continued on with a visit to a former boarding house to  learn about the town’s housing crisis. They were shown the house’s structure and state before moving to a similar house across the street that had been renovated by the organization My Blackpool Home.

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From there the two moved to Blackpool Central Library where the two joined discussions focused on areas that complement the couple’s ongoing charitable initiatives.

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For Kate, this meant meeting representatives from “A Better Start” program, including staff and practitioners from the Family Nurse Parnership. Finally, the two met with emergency first responders to learn more about their work to support those in the community suffering from mental health issues.

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Style-wise, Kate wore her green Sportsmax coat, a piece she first debuted in 2015 and has repeated on a few occasions since. Underneath it she debuted a peacock print Michael Kors dress with semi-sheer sleeves. The handbag is Manu Atelier.

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Personally, I’m a big fan of anything peacock related so I’m on board for this dress and hope we get a recycle soon where we can get a better look at it. I’m calling it a win.

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At this time, it’s unclear when we’ll next see Kate out and about, but my guess is Kensington Palace will announce engagements for later next week in the next day or two. As for the Duchess of Sussex, we are due to see her on Friday and, in fact, got a surprise appearance earlier today. She accompanied the Duke of Sussex while he spoke for WE Day, a youth-focused organization.

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Meghan wore a navy Smythe blazer over a black top and black jeans.

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With that, tomorrow we’ll turn back to history and pick up again for International Women’s Day on Friday. See you then!

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