That Time Kate Hung Out In a Tree

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Let us remember the date March 28, for it marks the occasion that the Duchess of Cambridge willingly hung out inside a tree fort. With two sons and a country house, it may well not be the first – nor last – time, but it’s certainly the only public one thus far.

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Kate carried out an engagement in Essex on the Scouts’ behalf in which she took part in activities for the new scheme #SkillsForLife.

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Later on, a group of older Scots showed Kate some of the features of the Gilwell Park headquarters, including the Gilwell Oak, which apparently won “Tree of the Year” in 2017…and is an actual award that exists in this world, so there you go.

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Kate wore her red J.Crew sweater, Chloe boots and Barbour jacket, all of which we’ve seen before. This may officially be Kate’s new “casual” uniform, which is still a refreshing change of pace from the skinny jeans, Breton stripes and boat shoes that to which we became accustomed in her early days. I actually really love those Chloe boots, but I couldn’t tell you why, and I don’t think I could pull them off (quite likely because I don’t have access to a tree fort).

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Anyway, enjoy. Also, this photo cracks me up – so jaunty:

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