The ‘Fab Four’ May Split the Royal Foundation

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A new article this morning from royal reporter Emily Andrews says that the Sussexes may split from the Royal Foundation, the charitable organization that they co-lead with the Cambridges. Nothing official has been confirmed by the Palace, and per the article, nothing has been formalized internally at this point, but Andrews’ reporting over the last year has been pretty spot-on with what’s going on with the royal household(s).

An anonymous source is quoted in the article with:

“Things did get very bad between the brothers and they didn’t see each other privately for a number of months after the royal wedding.

“Certainly the animosity over status, money and Meghan meant that the split in their joint households had to be brought forward much more quickly than anticipated, so perhaps it was inevitable that their joint charity has to be split too.

“Meghan and Harry want to do things differently to William and Kate. William is the future king and so is sometimes restricted in what he can do.

“The Sussexes want the flexibility of more commercial decisions. But the brothers’ relationship has vastly improved since their working lives have separated.”

And a second one says:

“The couples have been given two options – the first is to leave things as they are and the second a complete split. Nothing has been formally ratified but all the mood music is suggesting the Sussexes will break away.

“The Sussexes weren’t in a rush to make any changes, but the Cambridges were. However it’s a complex procedure and very sensitive. The Cambridges have definite constitutionally-bound roots, and now the Sussexes have married and started a family, with the Duchess being American, they have more freedom.

“Nothing will be done quickly and it’ll be a phased untangling of many of the joint initiatives, not an overnight chop.”

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Needless to say, this wasn’t expected even as late as when it became clear the Sussexes would break away from Kensington Palace and establish their own household. Language at the time indicated that the couples would still partner on projects ostensibly under the umbrella of the Royal Foundation. Now, however, the question of partnership would be for individual projects here and there.

That this wasn’t the game plan is evidenced (as the article notes) by the fact that the four hosted a forum together in February 2018 that was meant to kick off their work together as a foursome.

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Personally, I think this is a shame. While it’s logical the couples would someday split, I do think these years between Harry’s marriage and the Prince of Wales ascending the throne could have served as a unique opportunity for the four to harness their star power and do some really interesting, new work on behalf of the Royal Family. Even with the households split, I was hoping things would get back on an even enough keel that we would still see the Royal Foundation unfold as it was once meant to.

The exact nature of the professional differences still remains murky to me. I understand that the two couples have different approaches and styles, but when it comes strictly to work, I’m hard pressed as to why any of that’s insurmountable. I have to assume that at least some of this has to do with how they’re engaging the media, which would align with why William is the main pusher for a formal break as soon as possible.

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Anyway, I think it’s a shame, but if the brothers are getting along better in this new normal then so be it. In the meantime, we’ll next see the entire crew next Saturday for Trooping the Colour. I had thought we would see Kate at some point between the Chelsea Flower Show and then, but as of yet there’s been no announcement of a new engagement from KP, so TBD.

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