William & Kate Gear Up For Pakistan Visit at The Aga Khan Centre

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Ok, back to London. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are less than two weeks out from a five-day visit to Pakistan that will mark their first longer-term tour since the two visited Sweden and Norway in the winter of 2018. Thus, today, the two kicked things off with a visit to The Aga Khan Centre where they met with none other than the Aga Khan, a title held by the Imām of the Nizari Ismāʿīli Shias.

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At a reception, the two mingled with various representatives from Pakistan, including prominent musicians, artists, and other cultural figures.

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It appears they were also greeted by a group of schoolchildren outside, which provided some typically adorable photos of the two stopping by to say hello and chat.

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This was a pretty staid engagement, so I’m not going to pick it apart too much. The big soundbite picking up news is that Kate mentioned that she enjoys cooking curries at home, and usually prepares one for the adults and one for the kids, but Princess Charlotte can handle the heat pretty well. Because of course she can. She’ll rule all us all someday.

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Kate debuted a dress from a new designer (to her wardrobe) ARoss Girl x Soler. The teal color, pinned bodice, and flow-y material are all very Kate, so I can see why she chose this particular piece. My favorite element is the complementing green on the sash.

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As an aside,  Kate’s hair looks even lighter to me today…or at least redder. I don’t think she’s actually had it colored again, but the teal certainly makes it pop. I’ll call this a win, though I’m not bowled over by it.

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No further engagements are on the books for Kate until October 14th, as of right. It’s possible we’ll get an announcement for something next week, and it’s equally possible that she’ll make a surprise appearance given how Kensington Palace has handled her recent engagements. TBD, but it’s been a light autumn for Kate thus far, so I personally hope we see her at least once more before Pakistan.

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In general site news, it’s going to be a busy two months here. We’re going to take a breather tomorrow, but keep an eye out for the next installment of our Richard III series later this week, which will continue throughout the month and into November. In addition to William and Kate’s Pakistan visit, we also have the Queen’s return to London and her speech to Parliament on the 14th. Then the Prince of Wales will be in Romania for Queen Helen’s re-burial service on the 19th – she was a fascinating figure and I’m going to try my best to get a post up on her ahead of time, as well as cover the ceremony itself. If my schedule allows, I’m also planning to cover Charles’s visit to Japan for Emperor Naruhito’s enthronement.

Last but not least, we have the release of The Crown’s third season in mid-November and I’m planning on recapping each of the 10 episodes. As promised when we took a look at what the series will cover next, I’m going to try and squeeze in a few posts on some events from the 1960s and 1970s that I think will prove relevant when watching. So! I have my work cut out for me while the current royal calendar continues to unfold and new engagements are added to the calendar.

In the meantime, Happy Wednesday, and look for a new post on the Sussex lawsuit later today.

2 thoughts on “William & Kate Gear Up For Pakistan Visit at The Aga Khan Centre

  1. Laurean Reynolds

    Looking so forward to the The Crown in November. Can’t wait for your comments.
    I liked Kate’s dress. The color and length were very appropriate for the occasion. Her style seems to be evolving with more mature, though not dowdy by a long shot, choices.


    1. Thank you! I’m definitely looking forward to The Crown returning – such a nice palate cleanser from current royal news and, well, life 🙂

      And I agree, Kate’s style has really evolved nicely. I’m excited to see what she’s pulled together for Pakistan.


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