The Cambridges Visit Mumbles & Port Talbot

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Hello again! It’s late March now, but I’m going to tick through the last six weeks and catch up on all things royal. I’m going to back date posts covering specific engagements, but TBD on how I handle the more conversational/opinion posts (i.e. all things Sussex). With that, let’s get to it. On February 4, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent an away date in Mumbles and Port Talbot in South Wales.

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The visit highlighted local businesses and community initiatives, including a sea emergency rescue service, a steel mill, an ice cream parlour, and a boxing facility for children and adolescents. At the parlour, the couple met with families about Kate’s national survey.

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As I’ve noted here in the past, the Cambridges are doing more and more of these away days of late. They allow them to see different part of the UK, a specific goal that Kate has articulated, and their staff can jam pack their schedule with four of five engagements in one fell swoop. For us, they’re fun because they let us see the royals interacting in different settings, so win-win-win.

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A high point of the day was when two former teachers (a married couple) of Kate’s from her boarding school days came down to the ice cream parlour to see the duchess. One told a reporter:

“We saw her last when she and Pippa came back to school to visit James, she was 14. We haven’t seen her since then. Obviously we’ve been following her career. She was in a wonderful class of girls and they got on so well together.”

We also learned that William prefers chocolate ice cream – or, as he put it, he’s a “chocolate man.”

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Kate wore a navy Hobbs coat with flat Stuart Weitzman boots and a heart-print scarf by Beulah for her outdoors look (the last being a subtle nod to the month of Valentine’s). Inside, she revealed a new red dress by Zara that she styled with a black belt.

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This look was fine, but didn’t wow me. I would be interested in seeing this dress again a bit more glammed up with heels and a slimmer belt, but it worked for the occasion.

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With that, let’s keep chugging along 🙂



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  1. Michelle

    SOOOOOO happy to see this post (which I haven’t even read yet) because I’ve been worried about you. Welcome back, Rebecca!!!!


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