Baby Boy Cambridge is Here! [UPDATE-3]

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Update 3: William and Kate have emerged from the Lindo Wing with the new prince. The couple are returning home to Kensington Palace, forgoing an overnight stay in the hospital as they did for Charlotte’s birth in 2015.

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A Year in Review: The BRF in 2017



This was certainly a pivotal year for the House of Windsor, from retirements to anniversaries to new babies to engagements. It’s also yet another year in a pretty interesting time period because we’re certainly towards the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and there is more and more focus on the transition of the future and shifting responsibilities. In light of this, here on this site I pretty much focus only on the members of the Royal Family who will continue to play important roles. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the big moments from the past year.

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The Royal Family Attends the Queen’s Christmas Luncheon

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Annual events always provide a solid anchor on the royal calendar to which we can look forward and the Christmas traditions are particularly festive. Each year the Queen hosts a luncheon at Buckingham Palace the week before the holiday, just before she and the Duke of Edinburgh leave London for the Sandringham estate in Norfolk. The entire Royal Family turns up for the meal, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte, so it provides a reliable moment at which we can see the children. Even more, it’s a moment when the RF is truly acting like a family in a way with which most of us can relate.

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Royal Roundup: Cyber-Bullying, Playdates & Meghan [UPDATED]


…But not necessarily in that order. So, there’s a few things to catch up on from this past week that didn’t make it into other blog posts. First off, let’s touch base on Meghan Markle, on whose potential move to London we covered on Wednesday. Since then, there’s only been more confirmation that Meghan is indeed leaving her hit television show, including the image above which was shared by the actress’s body double with a caption that essentially wished her well.

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Royal Roundup: The Preschool Break-In, Meghan & the Queen

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Things may have quieted down this past week in comparison with last which saw the Cambridges’ baby announcement, Meghan Markle’s Vanity Fair cover and Prince George’s first day of school, but that didn’t mean the Duke of Cambridge wasn’t out and about, delivering on the promise that he would be doubling down on his public duties. Even so, the biggest news from this week was undoubtedly the fact that there was a break-in at George’s preschool, Thomas’s Battersea.

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A Look Back at Kate’s Pregnancies


After news broke Monday that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child, there’s been a fair bit of activity. From Prince George’s first day of school to Meghan Mark’s Vanity Fair cover to William and Prince Harry’s follow up visit to meet with Grenfell Tower residents on Tuesday. Between all of that and some of the conversation that’s sprung up online, I thought it was worth taking a look back at the timeline of Kate’s pregnancies with her first two children. After all, it’s been three years since we’ve had an announcement like this from KP and it’ll be interesting to see what precedent can tell us and how some things might change.

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William Takes George to His First Day of School

Prince George officially started “big” school today at Thomas’s Battersea. He was dropped off this morning by his father, the Duke of Cambridge, who drove and walked him to meet his teacher, holding on to his backpack already inscribed with “George Cambridge.” William apparently stayed around 40 minutes, before returning to Kensington Palace.

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Royal Roundup: It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Autumn


Finally, the slow royal month of August is almost over. Kensington Palace tweeted that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were due to begin a busy autumn, focusing on their charity work and continuing their advocacy on mental health issues. We expected September to be a big month for the younger trio, particularly in light of William and Kate’s “move” to London, but I was still half-surprised to see KP double down on this point so literally.

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