Kate is Wearing Pants, We’re on the Razor’s Edge


Stop everything, because our favorite duchess debuted a pair of nautical-themed trousers today. This is “important,” because Kate almost exclusively sticks to dresses and skirts and when she does wear pants, they are usually for an athletic-themed engagement and are her favorite J. Brand skinnies. Once in a blue moon we’ll see some J. Crew black jeans. There was quite the furor when she was spotted wearing a trendy print a while back. But pants suitable for professional settings (i.e. her engagements) are generally not a part of the routine.

I’ll admit that I had never  noticed this until it started getting called out a couple years ago and once you see it, you can’t really “unsee” it. So, here we are: Kate wore a pair of navy cropped pants from J. Crew featuring gold buttons. Oh em gee.

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Kate Dressed Down for a Farms For City Children Engagement


Today the Duchess of Cambridge ventured out to Wick Court, a Farms For City Children project in Gloucestershire where she met with children from Vauxhall Primary School and staff. Notably, she shared that in addition to the family dog, Lupo, and George’s hamster, Marvin, the family keep a lamb and chickens on their Norfolk estate, as well as eggs currently stored in an incubator in the hopes they hatch. Apparently, George and Charlotte are so excited about seeing baby chicks they’re checking the incubator every morning – fair, I would do the same.

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William, Kate & Harry Open the Global Academy


Today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry opened the Global Academy, a school focused on media and entertainment industry preparation, which builds mental health awareness and support into its curriculum. Thus, it fit in well with this week’s theme – all Heads Together everything.

The three learned about how the school attempts to incorporate mental well-being into its courses for a variety of ages, and to present it not always a serious or problematic situation, but rather a positive and normal aspect of day-to-day-life.

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Kate, Marchesa Notte & the Theatre


A new designer! Big earrings! Much excitement! Tonight the Duchess of Cambridge appeared at the opening night of “42nd Street” at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London on behalf of her patronage, EACH. Following the production, Kate joined the actors on the stage to celebrate a job well done, at which point she was given her very own pair of tap shoes.

The show is helping to raise money for The Nook, a new hospice facility in Norfolk, for which Kate carried out an engagement earlier this year. You can read more about it here.

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Charles & Camilla in Italy: Day One

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The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived in Florence yesterday, reuniting for the next leg of their European tour after Charles spent three days carrying out engagements in Romania. First up was a photo-op at the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

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Charles in Romania: Days Two & Three


As we speak, the Prince of Wales has safely arrived in Florence where he was met by the Duchess of Cornwall for the next leg of his European tour. All told and unsurprisingly, Charles was a smash hit in Romania and his engagements picked up a fair bit of media coverage in the last 36 hours.

After introductions and meeting with President Iohannis in Bucharest, he sat down with Crown Princess Margareta yesterday for an afternoon tea. As some very quick background, Margareta is the eldest daughter of King Michael I, who was named heir presumptive to the abolished Romanian throne in 1997. The Royal Family has been without their crown, so to speak, since 1947, however the King’s move was a symbolic gesture that offered up a candidate should Romania ever reinstate its monarchy – one which also proposed the removal of Salic Law, which prohibits a woman from inheriting the throne.

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Charles in Romania: Day One

C8FnYsXWkAMBn88 (1).jpg
Image via Clarence House

I’m going to make this quick because it’s well past midnight my time, but I do want to capture as much of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall’s European tour over the next several days as possible. The first leg of it is being carried out solo by Charles as he undertakes a series of engagements in Romania between Wednesday and Friday of this week, before meeting Camilla in Florence on Saturday.

Already I’ve learned something new just from lightly tracking the press coverage: Who knew Charles was such a big fan of Romania? I didn’t, but it’s interesting (to me) since I recently did a post on Missy of Edinburgh, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria who married into the Romanian Royal Family and became its queen consort. The post was just a brief anecdote from her later life I found amusing, but it highlights the extensive ties the Windsors maintained with Eastern Europe, Romania in particular, in mid-20th century. It’s nice to see those continued to be honored today with Charles.

For example, he apparently owns two properties there, one in Valea Zalanului and another in Viscri, and apparently regularly visits the country privately. Seriously, who knew?

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Kate in Green Lace Temperley for National Portrait Gallery Gala

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If you’re wondering how many lace dresses the Duchess of Cambridge can possibly own you’re not alone and the answer is many. We were expecting a gown tonight and on that front Kate didn’t disappoint. Personally, I had been wondering if we would get a repeat given the two formal dresses she debuted in Paris and, weirdly, I thought it was going to be the long black lace she wore in New York City in 2014. I was almost right, except it was a new (for us) gown and a fresh color…but otherwise, yes, I’m sorry, this is a bizarrely similar look.

Tonight Kate attended the National Portrait Gallery’s annual gala in London, which is one of my very favorite spots in the city. She has patronized the museum since the early days of her marriage and it’s proven itself to be one of her favorites as she has frequented events on their behalf several times over the years. It makes sense given Kate’s art history degree and, indeed, her very own portrait hangs on the gallery’s ground floor – the controversial image that drew so much ire from fans when it was unveiled back in 2013.

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Kate Makes Important Speech on Parenting in London-Based Brand

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I’ve been a bit absent this week thanks to a hectic work schedule, but I wanted to make sure I got up this post about the Duchess of Cambridge’s latest engagement sooner rather than later. Of all Kate’s sightings, I wish this hadn’t been the one I had to delay, because it was an important engagement on a number of different levels. 1) It took place less than 24 hours after the tragic events in London on Wednesday; 2) Kate gave yet another speech; and 3) the content of that speech was her most personal yet, touching on postpartum depression, parenting and her own experience as a mother.

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The Kerfuffle Over Kate & the St. Patrick’s Day Parade


I wouldn’t go so far as to say this was a scandal, but it certainly caused a public outcry: On March 17, 2016 the Duchess of Cambridge did NOT hand out shamrocks to the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I hope you were sitting down for that. I should have warned you, I’m sorry.

Prior to last year, Kate had taken part in the event every St. Patrick’s Day since her marriage; thus, she made an appearance in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. It had been expected that she would continue the tradition annually, and it caused a bit of a stir when it was announced by Kensington Palace that William would be carrying out the engagement solo. At the time KP released the following statement:

“The Duchess has very much enjoyed the occasions when she has been able to attend, but the Duke is the Colonel of the Regiment and is looking forward to presenting the Irish Guards with their Shamrock. The Duchess has returned home to spend time with her children, but looks forward to marking St Patrick’s Day with the Irish Guards many times in the future.”

Now, in a vacuum that’s not really ground-breaking, but as with almost anything royal, context is key.

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