Carolina Herrara Gets a Recycle for Final Paris Engagement


If there was one engagement on this trip to which the Duke of Cambridge was most looking forward it was likely this afternoon’s rugby match between France and Wales. We’ve actually had a few chances to see the couple watch sports together between appearances at Wimbledon, various horse races and other events on overseas tours. Usually William looks fairly stressed as the game unfolds, while Kate showcases just how expressive her face can be.

Today was no different, though Kate seemed slightly less emotionally invested than she usually does during some tennis matches. Both, however, appeared glum when France made a last minute score and won the game.


Kate re-wore a red Carolina Herrara coat dress that she first debuted during the couple’s tour of Canada last September. Then, she dressed it up a bit, wearing her hair up and matching the coat with her burgundy Tod heels seen earlier today. For the rugby match, understandably, she opted for a more casual look, pairing the coat over either another black turtleneck swearter or dress – I’ve actually  not see whether Kate had this paired with a skirt or dress.

Kate wearing the coat dress last September in Canada

In any event, the look was in lockstep with her penchant for pairing black and red, which she has done repeatedly in the last few months.


It’s hard to jump up and down about this coat one way or another. Kate owns so many red coats that they swim together a bit in my mind and so, even though this is probably my favorite of them, it’s not different enough from other looks she’s shown for me to feel too strongly about it.


By now William and Kate are back in the UK, hopefully safe and sound and reunited with their children, George and Charlotte. I’ve not heard whether they went back to Kensington Palace or if they’ve retreated to Anmer Hall for a few days. If it’s the latter, I wouldn’t blame them, less for the events of the last 48 hours and more for the week preceding it which couldn’t have been fun, whatever your opinion about William’s ski trip is.


Overall, I think this tour was a success – the organizations and engagements selected to highlight were in line with William and Kate’s charitable initiatives in the UK and the remarks William made last night extending the Queen’s continued friendship expressed the true goal of this visit, which is to help soften the blow of and fallout from Brexit.


That said, Verbier was mentioned in nearly every article covering the trip. From “Happy” being sung last night to heightened monitoring of the couple’s body language with each other. That’s unfortunate, because this should have been an easy home run and William’s decision to handle that trip as he did undermined that effort by splitting attention.


And on the fashion front, if it hadn’t been for the gorgeous Jenny Packham last night I think I would have been a bit underwhelmed. I’m surprised that Kate only showcased one French label, but certainly the potency of wearing Chanel publicly for the first time helps make up for that. All of the looks, however, are very Kate and there’s something to be said for not taking the opportunity to dress up and play at being “French Barbie.”


All in all, job well done. Thanks to this past week’s flurry of announcements, we know that we’ll see Kate again next Thursday when she carries out a Heads Together engagement.

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